Solhaven Grocer

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Solhaven Grocer is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is a grocer shop that carries items for baking. It is run by the dwarven shopkeeper, Fozzeam.

[Solhaven Grocer] RNUM: 32600
The narrow door gives way to the interior of the small shop. Shelves line both of the side walls from floor to ceiling, each replete with jars, boxes, and containers of every sort to hold goods and staples. Several lanterns hang overhead, providing soft warm light over the low tables that cover the floor. A wide oak counter runs along the back of the store, with a ladder in one corner to provide access to hard to reach items.


Welcome to Solhaven Grocer!

The shopkeeper Fozzeam offers his Shopping List to browse.
Fozzeam exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  Shopping List
  1. a glass jar of sugar               8. a slender glass bottle of goat milk
  2. a stoneware jar of cinnamon        9. some pale lavender eggs
  3. a porcelain jar of nutmeg          10. a terracotta pot of dried oats
  4. a square clay jar of brown sugar   11. a tall round jar of flour
  5. a canister of coarse sea salt      12. a small covered bowl of cocoa
  6. a covered bowl of rich butter      13. some grated yellow lemon zest
  7. a ceramic jug of rich cream