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Sonreeva (also known as the Newcropolis) is a dungeon crawl quest available in Evermore Hollow during Ebon Gate. It debuted in 2022 and was designed by GM Wyrom, partially due to the popularity of the Necropolis of prior Ebon Gate venues. It costs one use of an enruned stone cube to enter (purchased as a "cursed entry" for 10 Simucoins at the Simustore). There are traps, puzzles, and combat inside.

Sonreeva received several quality of life updates mid-run in October, 2022, as well as some more significant updates and new secrets ahead of its October, 2023, reopening.

At the end of Sonreeva, an urglaes thumb-ring can be purchased for 10k soul shards. It can also be improved once per year.

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