Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy

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Since mid-2015 there has been a considerable amount of development with Hot Summer Nights 2015, the Elemental Lore Review, and the Teleportation review.

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The skill representing one's proficiency with manipulation, disassemblement, and reconstruction of live organic matter. While any profession can train in Sorcerous Lore, Necromancy, it does not apply to any spells or abilities outside of the sorcerer domain. However, training in Necromancy lore will increase the damage and flare rate done by RotFlares, which are an extremely rare item script.

At 10 Necromancy ranks, there will be no spirit loss on a failed SACRIFICE attempt. At 30 ranks, there will be no more spirit loss on a successful SACRIFICE attempt. At 60 ranks, gain Sacrifice CHANNEL. At 100 ranks, gain Sacrifice INFEST.
Flare rate increases at 36, 136, and 171 Necromancy ranks; damage increase based on a seed 1 ranks summation.
With just one rank of Necromancy, blood drained from the target with this spell can be returned to the caster. Increased training will increase the amount of blood returned.
Training in Necromancy will unlock a bolt version (evoke) at 20 ranks and increase the damage factor of the bolt by .001 per rank for ranks 1-50, .001 per 2 ranks for ranks 51-100, and .001 per 4 ranks for ranks 101-200. Necromancy also provides the ability for both the regular and bolt aspects of the spell to temporarily weaken weapons, shields, and armor for 60 seconds when the target is struck. The percent chance is based upon a seed 6 summation of the caster's Necromancy ranks.
With Necromancy training, limbs completely severed by this spell have a chance of re-animating and attempting to hinder their former owner. The chances of animation are based on the caster's necromancy ranks in relation to the target's level.
Training in Necromancy gives a chance to impose grapple damage on the target based upon a 2 × seed 2 summation of Necromancy ranks, including a small chance to outright strangle the target.
The threshold of endroll required to obtain each level of pain infliction is reduced by training necromancy. A minimum of 0.3 ranks per level is required to enable the maximum effect (35% health loss & 7 sec RT), which is achieved at endrolls of 166 or greater. 1x will reduce the necessary endroll to 141+.
Increased number of charges and chance for reactive attack. Total charges = 5 + 1 per seed 9 ranks.  % Chance = 25% + (2 * seed 9 ranks).
Necromancy Lore increases a character's MAL by ranks ÷ 10; increases the number of possible explosion targets to 2 + (ranks ÷ 20); and increases the chances for the explosion to hit the targets.
At 90 and 180 ranks, sorcerers will retain the flare bonus for an additional attack. Necromancy no longer allows a sorcerer to gain necrotic energy faster.