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Phase 1

Briarmoon Cove Pre-Announcement

Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Briarmoon Cove
Message #: 664]
Author: GS4-GALENE
Date: 02/08/2016 12:50 AM EST
Subject: A Letter From The Chronomages To Briarmoon Cove

Dear Mayor Fain,

The events that Briarmoon Cove hosted for the Chronomages were some of the most spectacular and beautifully curated functions we've ever had the pleasure of attending. During our stay, we were fortunate to be able to talk with many of the guests and merchants, and we were astonished by their love and knowledge of Elanthia's landscape. My associates and I have deliberated on what constitutes a prime location for our expansion plans, and while each one of us began the conversation with a favored region, we agreed in the end that each individual town had many valuable traits that could prove useful to our operations. You all have left a lasting impression on us.

We will soon be announcing some significant modifications to our popular gold rings. After our extensive research at this festival, we feel that selecting single town for our expansion is not in our best interest. Rather, it is imperative that we deliver this contribution to many different realms, so that everyone may collectively benefit. These improvements will bolster both transportation and trade within several different areas. We look forward to sharing these advancements with you all in the very near future.

Best regards,

Lady Esrine Muiray
Chronomage, Senior Envoy
Restday, the 7th day of Fashanos, in the year 5116.

Chronomage Orb and Gold Ring Updates

Category: Game Design Discussions
Topic: General Discussion about Gemstone IV
Message #: 2135
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 02/09/2016 02:22 AM EST
Subject: Chronomage Updates!

Upon receiving the report of our Senior Envoy, the High Council of the Guild of the Chronomages has decreed the dedication of sufficient resources to create a series of high-speed "time tunnels" to extend and/or hasten the rate of most official forms of Chronomage travel! We wish to expand our teleportation network in order to aid and share in the increased mercantile activity that we surely expect will follow!

After a somewhat tricky ritual (we offer our sincere condolences to our initial testers' families), we believe that we have stabilized our tunnels and have worked out any and all potential causes of increased mortality. Two new sets of time tunnels now exist, one set that links the towns of Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace, Solhaven, and Pinefar. The other set links the towns of Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, and Cysaegir. Travel within each of these zones can now be accomplished upon demand at a much reduced cost (day passes for unlimited travel are now available for 5,000 silver).

Our personal teleportation service devices (commonly known as "gold rings", though other forms of them also exist) also have access to the zones created by these tunnels. One can now use the devices to travel any distance within a respective zone. We remain ever vigilant for unauthorized use of these devices and will continue to confiscate any counterfeit or stolen devices.

As an unexpected side effect of the rituals, we have also discovered that even long-distance teleportation is somewhat less taxing on us than it was previously. As such, we can now offer long-distances departures every 20 minutes (as opposed to the prior 90 minute wait between departures) at a flat rate of 100,000 silvers per trip (with no cost increase for frequent travelers).

The Guild of the Chronomages

OOC Notes:

We have begun a multi-phase review of our various teleportation systems. The following updates to the Chronomages constitutes Phase 1 of this review. We are currently in the process of Phase 2 (spells, items, and travel time), but intend to monitor and review the results of Phase 1 before finalizing Phase 2. We look forward to any and all feedback on the current phase of implementation.

Phase 1:

Two new teleportation "zones" have been implemented. As noted above, one zone encompasses the towns of Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace, Solhaven, and Pinefar (and all local hunting and travel areas in between). The other zone encompasses the towns of Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, and Cysaegir (and hunting/travel areas). These zones also stretch down the Elven Nations trail, all that way to the respective minecart departure points to Zul Logoth.

Teras, River's Rest, and Zul Logoth remain on their own separate teleport zones, as do the various special hunting realms (the Broken Lands, Shadow Valley, the Rift, Old Ta'Faendryl, the Confluence, etc). As part of Phase 2, we intend to speed up the rate of departures and/or transit time to/from these areas (specifically, the Glaesen Star, the Smuggler's Cutter, the minecarts, and various ferryboats).

Gold rings can now be used to teleport within a teleportation zone (for example, from Solhaven to Aenatumgana or from Ta'Vaalor to the Black Forest). It is also possible to ring from Wehnimer's Landing to Khazar's Hold, or from Zhindel's Post to Ta'Vaalor. Hunting areas with teleportation restrictions (the Rift and so on) still maintain those, though you can often ring very close to the entryway mechanic from quite far away with these changes (the aforementioned Wehnimer's Landing to just outside Koar's Shrine teleport for Rift hunting).

Travel within each teleport zone via the Chronomage stations is now handled by a teleportation day pass. This pass expires 24 hours after purchase, but is good for unlimited instant travel during that time period. To use one, simply hold it in hand and RAISE it while in a Chronomage departure room and you will be immediately transported to your selected destination. The pass is good for round-trip travel between the town in which you purchase the pass and the destination of your choice. The pass costs 5,000 silvers (credits for turned in gold rings can be applied to this).

Travel between towns that are not within the same teleport zone no longer incurs an additional silver cost for multiple tickets purchased within the same day. The duration between departures has also been reduced from 90 to 20 minutes.