Sorsha's Second Hand Goods

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Sorsha's Second Hand Goods is a pawnshop located in the elven village in the Danjirland region of the town of Wehnimer's Landing. There is one small table which holds pawned items for sale.

[Sorsha's Tent] RNUM: 28652
This dimly lit tent is filled with carefully stacked piles of armor, clothing, and various other trinkets too numerous to mention. A long table rests in the corner and behind it, an enruned veil which seems to be covering the back section of the tent, preventing any chance of seeing what lies beyond. You also see a sharp-eyed elf that is lying down and a small sign.
Obvious exits: out
a small sign

In the Common language, it reads:
/\ Sorsha's Second Hand Goods /\


You are surprised to see an elf of such beauty dressed in such plain clothing.  Obviously intent on her work, you cannot ignore the smooth slim line of her face and eyes which seem to stare right into your heart.