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Spikes are offensive implements available for armor, armor accessories, and shields that activate during certain Combat Maneuvers. Spikes take up no ability slots and can be added to any piece of armor -- no matter how heavily scripted or otherwise powerful.

Compatible Maneuvers

Maneuvers that are compatible with spiked armor have one (1) associated armor location (head, arms, legs, torso, or shield).

Spikes on your armor itself should be able to activate for all of the maneuvers above. If you have a spiked accessory, it'll only work for those maneuvers.


If the active armor on that location is spiked then there is a -10 penalty to the maneuver roll in exchange for the chance for the spikes to flare. The reason that there is a -10 penalty is that spikes would be an essentially "free" damage otherwise. It is up to the player to determine whether to take the optional upgrade in trade for lower success rates for extra damage.


sweep bean
[Roll result: 189 (open d100: 48) Bonus: 30]
You crouch, sweep a leg at Master Footpad Bean and connect!
Master Footpad Bean falls to the ground! You deftly regain your footing.

[You have 9 repetition(s) remaining.]

** A spike on your mithril leg guards jabs into the Footpad Bean! **
... 30 points of damage!
Great shot penetrates thigh and shatters bone!
The Footpad Bean is stunned!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

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