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Available To Bards, Monks, Rangers, Rogues
Mnemonic [SWEEP]
Cost 12
Roundtime 3
Requirements None
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8 12 
5 10 15

The combat maneuver, sweep, is a skill that allows a character to kick the legs out from under a target, knocking them to the ground. Sweep is available through the Rogue Guild as well as the Combat Maneuvers List.

Rogue Guild Tasks

To train in sweep through the rogue guild, various tasks must be completed to earn points towards gaining a rank. These tasks include sweeping a fellow guild member, being swept by a guild member, practicing with a footpad, sweeping a dummy, sweeping the guild, and sweeping hostile creatures. These tasks are always given in the same order unless a task is traded in or a new rank is gained, though the dummies task is sometimes skipped.

Sweeping a Fellow Guild Member
Being Swept by a Guild Member
Practicing with a Master Footpad
Sweeping a Dummy
Sweeping the Guild

Take a broom and a bag from the tool rack and sweep the courtyard of whichever guild you're in. Hunt for that scattered dust and start pushing your broom around to collect it into a pile. When you finish pushing the broom, simply get the pile. You can get 1 to 3 pushes of your broom into a pile for each room of dust. Then, when your bag has enough dirt in it to give the message "The bag is full of dirt." which isn't necessarily completely full, put it in the bin next to the tool rack. Getting the bag to this point takes approximately eight "pushes" of the broom. Each time the bag is filled and emptied is one repetition. This task gives 5 points--10 on Guild Nights or if you use a GUILD BOOST (sub-class PROFESSION).

Sweeping Hostile Creatures

Go out to hunting grounds and sweep creatures. Your own level or higher seems to work fine, but any creature more than 6 levels below your own will not count for guild tasks. This task gives 15 points--30 on Guild Nights or if you use a GUILD BOOST (sub-class PROFESSION).