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In 5111 the pirate vessel Spitfire docked again in Wehnimer's Landing. The town was turned upside-down as festive halfling pirates made their impact.


Aside from pirates and barrels of rum, the ship also included merchants, shops, raffles and gambling. One of the merchants sold something that had not been seen in the lands afore - skin glue. This glue could be used to adhere gems to one's forehead.

Other services and wares included:

Pets and the like could also be obtained:

  • Lizards - will go into coma if not fed crickets. See gnome in Solhaven for supply.
  • Fish in fishbowl - will die if not fed fish food once a day. Supply can be bought in pet shops, like the one in Solhaven.
  • Fireflies - will die. More can be caught if one makes a nocturnal visit to, f.ex., a grassy area.

Adventurers were offered the opportunity to join the pirate crew. Those interested would get a map of the vessel and told to get to know the ship and its crew. Many found this task quite puzzling. Those that completed this effort would become Boatswains (prename title), albeit temporarily. The new crew-members would also be gifted with a glass bottle that proved to be useful for passing along messages.

As can often be expected at such events, other merchants quickly set up tents and stalls near the docks in the Landing. This included establishments catering to hungry adventurers, such as Lowai's Fishbar.


Platinum Run:

Friday, April 8 - Thursday, April 14

Prime Run:

Friday, April 15 - Friday, April 22


A dark ship:
The timbers of the Spitfire are crafted from a wood so dark, the sunlight seems to be absorbed rather than reflected. Three tall masts carry shrouds the color of a bloody setting sun. Even the figurehead's smile conveys an attitude of malicious glee. You get the distinct impression this ship might be up to no good.

Lowai's Fishbar

Lowai's Fishbar was an eating establishment set up at the North Dock of Wehnimer's Landing during the Spitfire 2011 event. They served delightful, albeit somewhat expensive, delicacies from the sea.

[Lowai's Fishbar]
Hardwood trimmings and a proliferation of fresh-cut tropical flowers decorate the long teakwood bar, which is guarded on either side by huge carved wooden heads, and behind by a portly tanned half-krolvin bartender. Just within reach over the bar top is a slowly moving conveyor made from a cured leaper hide stretched tightly over barrel-shaped spools, which loops back around on itself so as not to drop the tiny servings of seafood arrayed in a constantly trundling double line.

Darker in skin tone and far rounder than the average half-krolvin man, this smiling bartender exudes a joviality and warmth despite his enveloping girth. He eyes you with dark sparkling eyes for a moment, as though expecting you to place an order, though his hands never stop their constant movement just behind the conveyor.

On the teakwood bar you see:

  • a filmy fisheye garnished pale cocktail
  • a tiny steaming cup of fragrant sake
  • a blood-swirled shot of icy vodka

On the moving conveyor you see:

  • a paper-thin slip of seal meat
  • an expertly prepared bit of dolphin
  • a sheen-covered fresh gob of yellowtail
  • an herb-laced lump of whale blubber
  • a cinnamon flecked lobster tail
  • a rolled up bit of lumpy tuna
  • a tiny chunk of shiny raw eel flesh
  • a small wad of seed-garnished sharkmeat

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