Staff of River's Rest

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The Staff of River's Rest was the town staff of River's Rest, which was stolen by Sankir the Bloodfist during the Krolvin Occupation of the town in 5103.

The staff first appeared stolen when Sankir was seen brandishing it in the court of the Baron of Vornavis, Dunrith Malwind. At the same time, a citizen of River's Rest, Railien Blightstruck swore to return the staff at all costs and not to return home without it. For more than a year and a half, the staff eluded Blightstruck until he joined the Fortuneers. With the assistance of the Fortuneers, Blightstruck joined in on a raid against Sankir, where the staff was recovered.

The staff was brought home to River's Rest in 5105, where it was set in a place of honor in a museum operated by Railien. In 5106, Railien donated the staff to the local museum of River's Rest.


  • an ivory-edged driftwood staff capped with a bronze seal of River's Rest