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Stationery Boxes are special boxes that hold paper and writing supplies such as quills, ink, sealing wax, and signet rings.

Stationery Boxes were sold at A Midsummer Night's Festival 2017 with matching keys to lock the boxes, and at Ebon Gate 2017 without matching keys.

Boxes can hold up to 10 sheets of paper off the shelf. LOOK at the box to see how many sheets it currently contains. Unlike Label Maker, all sheets must match or the box will not accept them.

There is a single vellum inside the stationery box.


You analyze your stationery box and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

This is a stationery box that will bundle loose paper of the same design.  It will also hold other stationery supplies such as quills, ink, envelopes, sealing wax, and signet rings.  You may alter the description of the box, but it should remain a non-wearable box with a lid.  The box may also be locked with an appropriate key.

PUSH the box to add a sheet of paper.  PULL the box to remove a sheet of paper.
There is a single sheet of paper inside the stationery box.  It can hold 10 sheets and contains the following design: a piece of oyster-hued vellum.

A talented merchant can improve the capacity of the box to hold more paper.

Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the box's pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the box is as light as it can get.

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