Storm Petrel's Wing

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Storm Petrel's Wing is the fletcher shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located on Middle Arm Ave in a small single-story building.

[Storm Petrel's Wing] RNUM: 29130
Along this shop's timbered walls, bows of all makes and sizes hang like stuffed and mounted hunting trophies. Feathers, paint splatters, and other evidence of arrow-making lightly litter the creaky wooden floors. Behind a narrow leather-topped counter, the shop's wide variety of archery-related wares sit on display.


Welcome to Storm Petrel's Wing!

Sossa Lee offers his catalog to browse.
Sossa Lee exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a short bow                 18. a shiny mithril drill
  2. a long bow                  19. a bodkin point
  3. a composite bow             20. a blunt tip
  4. a light crossbow            21. a broadhead
  5. a heavy crossbow            22. a crescent tip
  6. a hand crossbow             23. a stick of wood
  7. a bundle of wooden arrows   24. a branch of wood
  8. a bundle of wooden bolts    25. a limb of wood
  9. a back quiver               26. a simple fletching razor
  10. a belt quiver              27. a bottle of fletching glue
  11. a vial of paint            28. a bundle of fletchings
  12. a thin black paintstick    29. a bundle of albatross fletchings
  13. a thin ebon paintstick     30. a bundle of brown noddy fletchings
  14. a thin grey paintstick     31. a bundle of brown pelican fletchings
  15. a thin olive paintstick    32. a bundle of frigatebird fletchings
  16. a thin orange paintstick   33. a bundle of storm petrel fletchings
  17. a thin violet paintstick