Su'chao silk

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Su'chao silk is a type of silk woven by the Dhe'nar of Eh'lah.

Deep in the jungles, pockets of dragon fruit groves have been discovered and cultivated for raising su'chao'ani, special caterpillar larve. They thrive on the long, leathery leaves. These pale green caterpillars are coveted for the threads that can be harvested from their cocoons and spun into silk. The silk produced from these rainforest creatures have a natural shimmer to them, making garments seem as if they are changing color as the wearer moves.

The Dhe'nar have learned to break apart the cocoons and spin the fibers into silk thread. It can be soaked in dye to create beautifully patterned or colorful cloth without losing the natural shimmer. The silk fabric is usually worn by those of higher rank, but it is not uncommon for anyone in the populace to own at least one item made from the material to wear for special occasions.

The Dhe'nar are reluctant to use it for trade, but in rare cases have supplied small amounts to acquire something they desire.

Su'chao silk is considered a rarer material as of 2022. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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