Subarashi Corleine

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Subarashi Corleine
Race Half-Sylvan
Culture Talador
Profession Spiritualist
Religion Oleani
Affiliation(s) Cairnfang Manor
Disposition quiet
Demeanor reserved, but friendly
Hobbies medicine, music (harp, dulcimer), martial arts
Soft Spots children, knights
Likes seafood
Loyalties Solhaven, life, love
Best Friend Eiadh
Spouse Erich (deceased)
Loved One Lily (daughter, deceased)

Subarashi 'Rashi' Corleine is a half-Sylvan spiritualist, originally from a small village outside Talador, who has resided in Solhaven on-and-off since 5102.


You see Subarashi Corleine the Spiritmaster of Oleani.
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
She is short and has a slight, underdeveloped figure. She appears to be young and untried. She has ardent crystal green eyes and fair, lightly sun-kissed skin. She has waist length, layered glossy black hair that hangs straight down save for some slight curl about her face. She has a round face, a small nose and sinewy arms. A scattering of light freckles dots her nose and cheeks.
She has a compass rose tattoo on her wrist.
A lambent mass of thorny rose vines writhes about her feet.

Subarashi generally dresses in a practical manner with a minimum of ornamentation, favoring garments and equipment that exhibit an elegant simplicity and allow for ease of movement. Her wrist tattoo is rarely covered, save when the climate dictates:

Delicately inked in red and deep black, this simple tattoo appears at first glance to be a plain, de facto compass rose. A stylized rose in full bloom takes the place of the circle upon which the directions would normally be marked. However, the eight stark black arrows seem off-kilter. While centered and spaced properly, each identical arrow seems turned at an angle slightly off center in relation to the design's placement on the wrist.


Subarashi left her home village in the early 5100s as an initiate in service to Oleani to pursue training in spiritual magic and combat. She decided on Wehnimer's Landing, it being the nearest town known for such opportunities outside of Jantalar's occupied territory. Early in her training, a meeting with Chaeye led her to visit Solhaven, where she chose to settle. She joined with the Resistance and aided the defense against the forces of the Dark Alliance during the Griffin Sword War. She especially opposed Eryael, who had mocked Oleani's faith and temple with several of his acts of terror, including one instance directly targeted at Subarashi herself.

In 5112, Subarashi returned to her home village in Talador to visit friends and family. She decided to stay, acting as the town's resident priestess (taking over for her now-deceased father) and chirurgeon. She married one of the locals in mid-5113, and in early 5114 gave birth to a daughter.

On Eoantos 13, 5116, the blast that destroyed Talador wiped her village off the map. Her advanced training and connection to Oleani gave her the ability to resurrect herself, but her injuries and the disruption of mana over the area made it impossible to save anyone else. She hiked east through the Bleaklands to her Sylvan family's home settlement, located in the wilds between Talador and the Dragonspine, where she recuperated until, in Olaesta 5117, she returned to Solhaven.

She has since been active in the Solhaven and Wehnimer's Landing areas.