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The SUMMON verb is mostly used in conjunction with certain magical spells to summon a specific creature or object.

Manna (203)

Different types of manna bread with unique visual and flavor messaging can be summoned based on the caster's race and culture.

Animal Companion (630)

Rangers who know the Animal Companion spell and have not yet bonded with a companion will be able to summon a companion from the environs of their current location outdoors.

A ranger should first use sense outdoors to determine which animals are in the room, then prepare 630 and finally SUMMON <animal noun>. It is possible to use SUMMON without specifying the desired animal (and indeed, without sensing first), but this will result in a random animal being summoned forward and the ranger will have to wait 30 minutes before trying again if the ranger prefers a different animal.

Minor Summoning (725)

Sorcerers may use summon to specify which demon they want. Using this method of summoning is more difficult than casting at a runestone.

The following valences and demons may be summoned:



>summon shien'tyr-darkling
You trace an arcane sigil in the air while incanting.  Your eyes glow momentarily and you succeed in opening an interplanar rift from which you manage to pull a vaporous dusky blue darkling.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Herb Production (1118)

Empaths with sufficient training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning will be able to summon a specific herb.

The format for this is SUMMON <herb>.

The chart with the appropriate lores can be found here.

Premium Home Pets

Premium members have the option of purchasing pets for their homes. You may only summon your pet from within a home.

To summon the pet to their home, the HOME PRIVACY FAMILIAR flag must be toggled on. Just type it until it says it's okay. Then SUMMON PET. (Do not try "SUMMON [animal]," as that will not work.)

Pets can be purchased from the various Four Winds Halls or at the Island Menagerie in Mist Harbor.