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Super Secure Gem Pouches made their debut during Ebon Gate at Secure Storage and allowed adventurers the ability to store gems without having to actually open it. They received an upgrade during Ebon Gate 2017 that allowed them to be unlocked for an additional gem-gathering ability.


You analyze your drawstring gem pouch and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "There do not seem to be any specific limitations."

The creator has also provided the following information:

This pouch makes your gems more secure by allowing you to slip gems into it while it is closed.  Alterations are fine, but the item must stay a small container intended for holding gems, and the script's messaging does refer to a drawstring.

This pouch is sold without tiers, but it can be unlocked to add the gem-gather ability.

This pouch's tier is NOT unlocked.  It has no gem-gather ability.
Script Name: Super Secure Gem Pouch


Locked OPEN You pick at the knot holding the drawstring gem pouch shut, opening it carefully. XXX picks at the knot holding her drawstring gem pouch shut, opening it carefully.
CLOSE You tie your drawstring gem pouch shut tightly. XXX ties her drawstring gem pouch shut tightly.
PUT <gem>
While closed
You untie your drawstring gem pouch, slip the diamond in, then retie it quickly. XXX unties her pouch, slips an uncut diamond in, then reties it quickly.
Unlocked GATHER You gather all of the gems you can find and deftly stash them in your pouch.
Automatically gathers gems on the ground.

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