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Syssanis was a necromancer who lived in River's Rest between 5006 and 5014.

Syssanis first arrived in River's Rest in 5006, where he inhabited a tower near Oteska's Marsh. Soon after, the small smuggler settlement of Oteska's Haven was over run by trolls, hags, and the undead. Despite the fact that monsters, deemed related to Syssanis, began to affect the town of River's Rest, the Count of Torre, Glavedd, was reluctant to do more than let Syssanis do as he pleased. As a result, many families and businesses departed River's Rest for Fairport to the north.

Depending on the era when the story of Estamil and Tandrik occurred, Syssanis could be the necromancer referenced in the story. However, Syssanis, himself, vanished as quietly as he arrived when his tower was discovered abandoned in 5014.