Ta'Illistim Lockpicks

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Ta'Illistim Lockpicks is the locksmith shop in Ta'Illistim.

[Ta'Illistim Locksmith]
Small hooks have been fastened to the stone wall behind the locksmith's counter. Dangling from the hooks are key blanks and lockpicks fashioned of a wide array of materials, some plain and others quite ornate. Multicolored carpets are scattered across the stone floor, glowing in the sunlight beaming in through the glaesine windows. You also see an large faenor-chased barrel, a large sign and Aradluin.


  1. an opal-tipped bright copper lockpick     9. a sea green glaes lockpick
  2. a silver-edged twisted brass lockpick     10. an ivory-tipped black laje lockpick
  3. an ora-handled black steel lockpick       11. a slim blackened alum lockpick
  4. a gold-edged pale ivory lockpick          12. a ruby-veined black rolaren lockpick
  5. a chiseled rose gold lockpick             13. an opal-inlaid tarnished invar lockpick
  6. an etched silver-tipped lockpick          14. a polished golden kelyn lockpick
  7. an onyx-tipped grey ora lockpick          15. a green brocade locksmith's toolkit
  8. an acid-etched silvery mithril lockpick   16. a set of professional calipers