Ta'Vaalor Armory

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Ta'Vaalor Armory is the armor shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located just inside Victory Gate, through the doors of a large stone-clad building. It is the only place left in Elanthia that sells flowing white robes, in case one is donating them to charity.

[The Ta'Vaalor Armory]
Standing in the center of the highly polished checkered-marble floors, is a life-sized crystal replica of an antique forge. This masterfully created structure serves as the counter in this distinguished armory. An impressive display of well-maintained ancient suits of armor, encased in rectangular shaped frosted-glass cabinets, stands in the far corner. Various scenes from days of yore are depicted on a black-velvet tapestry with raised silver stitching, which covers the back wall of the shop. You also see a faintly glowing portal, an engraved faenor sign and the merchant Gearchel.


  1. some robes                 16. a metal breastplate
  2. some bracers               17. an augmented breastplate
  3. some leg guards            18. some half plate
  4. some light leather         19. some full plate
  5. some full leather          20. a leather helm
  6. some reinforced leather    21. a metal aventail
  7. some double leather        22. a mesh coif
  8. a leather breastplate      23. a greathelm
  9. some cuirbouilli leather   24. a gold-rimmed buckler
  10. some studded leather      25. a gleaming heater
  11. some brigandine armor     26. an etched kite shield
  12. some chain mail           27. a burnished mantlet
  13. some double chain         28. a reinforced shield
  14. some augmented chain      29. some arm greaves
  15. a chain hauberk           30. a flowing white robe

Colors available for some items:

1. white                  8. cyan                 15. lavender
2. grey                   9. green                16. golden
3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
7. azure                 14. purple

Materials available for some items:

1. iron                  3. imflass                 11. vultite
2. mithril               4. mithglin

The backroom does not offer any merchandise.


The Gearchel is wearing a dark grey tunic edged in glittering silver studs. Despite his bored expression, his sharp violet eyes miss nothing that goes on in the shop.

Gearchel will buy scrap metal from new characters.