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Taessaet (or rosesilk) is a textile from Ta'Nalfein.

Rosesilk, or taessaet, was an ancient silk made from fibers from the taerethil bushes and silk from spiders found only on these bushes. The material is deceptively delicate in appearance, but its individual threads resist breakage and fraying. Clothing made from taessaet was light and airy, while remaining stunningly elegant -- perfect for hot summer evenings and formal dress occasions. Cobwebbed rosesilk trended at one point, and extant drawings and reports of these fashions are the envy of aspiring designers everywhere. This style involved cobweb-lacelike patterning, with the garment concealing exactly what was necessary for propriety and nothing else. Layering of the cobwebbed rosesilk provided depths and shadowing, increasing the wearer's allure.

This silk was popular in the centuries following the successful creation of the taerethil rose, but it fell out of style eventually, being replaced by byssus and sea silk. The process of making the silk was lost to time, but recent years saw a resurgence in searching the many libraries and guilds of Ta'Nalfein until finally, a prominent Nalfein designer discovered what is believed to be the process in his family's archives. The designer and a small group of trusted specialists are working on recreating this legendary material.

Taessaet is considered a rarer material as of 2023. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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