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This page is a work in progress and I hope I have made it properly. I noticed that the searchwords LIBRARY and LIBRARIES led to zero results. Besides the library at Teras which I had all but forgotten until tonight, I recall some nice in-game CHE House libraries, a traveling book wagon, as well as a few treasure troves of historic documents on the web (such as at House Onoir's website). I hope this spot will be a place to gather links and info about actual "libraries" that hold bits of history including logs of significant events, player/character remembrances, and ::gasp:: even books! Maybe someday there can be a Libraries of Elanthia page on the gswiki for people who just want to find ways to play out their studies in-character or go dig around the web for MO HISTORY. It won't surprise me if I find other people have already begun or completed this kind of thing... let me know if you know more than me, so I don't reinvent the wheel or sliced bread or anything. :)