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News items like this should have their own articles and be merely linked from the main article. Just talk about what the spell is as it is now; we don't need a history lesson on the spell in its article. - Andy talk 23:58, 24 October 2007 (EDT)

Yeah, it is best to make a saved post article for the news item and then link the saved post at the bottom within the references section. Although, it doesn't hurt to mention the new facets of the spell within the actual spell article. Adam talk 00:42, 25 October 2007 (EDT)


The spell formerly had a variable mana cost equal to the target's level divided by two. The minimum mana cost was one mana, while the maximum mana cost was twenty. If this spell was activated from a magical item, it would not affect targets higher than level two. If invoked from a scroll, the spell would take one mana from the scroll, and the remaining mana will be taken from the caster.

However, the spell was changed in October 2007, and the following news was released in-game:

Dateline 10/23/2007: SLEEP (501) UPDATED

The Major Elemental spell 501, Sleep, has been updated.

The mana cost of the spell has been changed from 1 mana per 2 levels of the target, capped at 20 mana to a summation seed 1 based off of the target's level. That is, a level 1 target costs 1 mana whereas a level 105 target costs 14 mana. This mana cost grows at a much slower rate than the previous one.

The duration of Sleep was previously determined solely by the level of the caster. Duration is now based off of the warding margin (endroll).

When imbedded by the Magic Item Creation spell or charged by the Charge Item (517) spell, Sleep counts as a level 8 spell to emulate the variable mana cost for different targets. The restriction of only being able to use Sleep cast from a magic item on a level 2 target has been removed. Also, when casting Sleep from a scroll, the spell will no longer take mana from the caster.

Sleep now counts as a spell of war.

Revision Analysis

The October 2007 changes have adjusted the effectiveness of the spell in the following ways:

  • Mana costs at medium and high levels are now markedly lower.
  • Imbedded Sleep items (most likely wands and rods) are now markedly more useful.
  • Sleep can no longer be cast in Sanctuary areas.
  • Significant changes in the duration of effect, but these are probably insignificant for hunting purposes, as being attacked would break the effect of the spell anyway.