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The suggested HP bonus formula on seems to be either very poorly written or simply wrong. Anyone know the exact formula? One that's been verified with more than one paladin build? KAGE 07:55, 2 December 2011 (EST)

The max health calculation is all wrong

Here's my working theory based on my recent skill migration out of blessings lore.

As a capped half elf with 100 CON I have 160 base health.

With 43 paladin spells and 6 ranks of blessings lore I had 192 health with 1616 up. I began migration out of blessings lore and that immediately dropped to 191. When I broke through to 4.9xx ranks my health with 1616 up dropped to 190.

As of now, based on the spell description, I should be receiving 27 max health (20 from 1616 max health bonus, 5 from the CON Bonus from 1616, and 2 from lore) but instead I'm receiving 30 max health.

With 3 ranks of lore, 29 max health.

Fast forward -

I passed out while logged in and I didn't check again until I had completely trained out of blessings lore. With 0 ranks of blessings lore I now receive 24 max health. So that blows up every theory I was working on.

In a subsequent build modification I reduced my paladin spells to 40 and the max health bonus from 1616 remained static at 24.

MICHN18 (talk) 12:31, 5 January 2016 (CST)

Real Lore Benefits

I did some more complete testing and I thought I'd post my findings here since I don't think people look at the Talk page often. For the purposes of my tests I used my capped half elf Paladin. My Paladin has 160 Health with 100 Constitution. Relevant skills to start were 40 Paladin Base spells and 0 ranks of Blessings Lore. Conceivably relevant skills were 202 ranks of Physical Fitness, 101 ranks of Harness Power, 25 ranks of SMC, 17 ranks of Religion Lore and 26 ranks of Summoning Lore. I mention this because the Max Health bonus I receive with 0 ranks of Blessings Lore is also incorrect based on the current formula so perhaps there is some other factor contributing to it. Throughout the tests the Constitution enhancive granted by Vigor remained constant at +10 to stat and +5 to bonus. I didn't feel like completely messing up my training so I stopped at 31 ranks of Blessings Lore. This table is accurate as of 2/15/17. I can't remember how to do the wiki signature, but I am Nylis/Raelor/MichN18/Aequis

Lore Ranks Total Max Health Bonus
0 24
1 27
2 28
3 29
4 30
5 31
6 32
8 33
10 34
12 35
Lore Ranks Total Max Health Bonus
15 36
18 37
21 38
26 39
31 40
Actually, we do look at the discussion pages. Another proper place though to ask about specific mechanics that Dev GMs will actually look at is the Officials. VANKRASN39 (talk) 21:01, 15 February 2017 (CST)