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Player of various characters, most notably Cylnthia.

In the real world, CLTIDBALL is a nerdy, dorky, geeky ailuranthrope who loves cats, gaming (video, board, role-play, & miniature), music (symphonic/operatic/progressive metal, Nightwish being the best ever), and learning new things.

Also known as mgoddess/"Crazy Cat Lady" on the Player's Corner.

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Herbs by Geographic Location and Body Area
Body Area Empath Heals Wehnimer's Icemule Pinefar Teras Zul Logoth
Blood Heal 10 HP acantha leaf iceberry tart acantha leaf tea Olak's Ol'style ale grey mushroom potion
30-60 HP yabathilium fruit sassafras tea Bloody Krolvin ale green mushroom potion
Nervous System System
minor wolifrew lichen Leaftoe's lichen tart red lichen tea Orc's Head ale thick foggy ale
major bolmara potion snowflake elixir red lichen potion Kenar's Dropjaw ale glowing mold tea
System Scar
minor torban leaf Ma Leaftoe's spiced torban tart valerian root tea Miner's Muddy ale dark frothing ale
major woth flower flower-shaped tart valerian root potion Dacra's Dream ale stalagmite brew
Head & Neck Head
minor rose-marrow potion elk horn potion feverfew tea Semak's Smooth ale rusty red ale
major aloeas stem ram's bladder tart feverfew potion Dark Swampwater ale sticky lichen tea
Head Scar
minor haphip root sparrowhawk pie pennyroyal tea Agrak's Amber ale dull crimson ale
major brostheras potion polar bear fat soup pennyroyal potion Reaper's Red ale stone soot brew
Torso & Eyes Organ
minor basal moss tundra grass tart gingko nut tea Mama Dwarf's ale chunky black ale
major pothinir grass musk ox tart gingko nut potion Aged Schooner ale roasted ratweed tea
Organ Scar
minor talneo potion rock lizard potion wyrmwood root tea Gert's Homemade ale brown weedroot ale
major wingstem potion earthworm potion wyrmwood root potion Wort's Winter ale dirty crevice brew
missing eye* bur-clover potion starfish potion daggit root potion Volcano Vision ale dirty rat fur potion
Arms & Legs Limb
minor ambrominas leaf Dabbings Family special tart sweetfern tea Lost Dogwater ale bubbling brown ale
major ephlox moss frog's bone porridge sweetfern potion Golden Goose ale crushed cavegrass tea
Limb Scar
minor cactacae spine gelatinous elk fat tart manroot tea Bearded Ladies' ale spotted toadstool ale
major calamia fruit walrus blubber manroot potion Mad Mutt Frothy ale stalactite brew
missing limb* sovyn clove candied ptarmigan feather angelica root potion Captn' Pegleg's ale grainy black potion

Zesty Things

Weapon-Related Container-Related Jewelry-Related Misc. Mech. Misc. Non-Mech.
Bazz Gloves Adjustable Sheath Boredom Jewelry Archaic Urglaes Reliquary Bell Zests
Dagger Hilt Autoclosing Container Chaos Jewelry Armor Concealing Garment FancyBook
Fantabulous UAC Bags Of Trrix Chrism Holder Dawdly Pot Farusteri Gown
Ghule (Whip) Discreet Container Crystal Amulet Jewelry Lifekeep Flask Gem Cutter+Pattern
Hand-Held Pylon Ghule (Cloak) Crystal Holder Of The Faith (armor-worn) Ghule (Broomstick)
Iasha W.Ora Weapon Herb(-Bundling) Kit Ghezyte Quest Item Shoe Stick/Cane Henna Stick
KnightBlade Hiding Sheath Ghule (Hat/Fangs/Claws/Ring) Xojium Robe (armor-worn) Lapidary Box
M.C. Vambraces Of The Faith (cloak-worn) Gold Ring Holder ~ Magic Spider
Morphing Runestaves Pelt Bag Hair Bauble ~ Metallic Gown
Wand-Holding Runestaves Pocket Full/Morphing Container MoonShard Pendant (+Bloodrune) ~ Metamorphic Alterations
Xojium Runestaves Spell Sack Nexus Jewelry ~ Paper Map
~ Whisper Cloak Perfume+Holder ~ Petticoats/Underskirts
~ Wingsong Collection (cloak) Plumed Do-Hickey ~ RainboWear
~ Xojium Robe (cloak-worn) Prayer Beads (Arkati/v2) ~ Scarring Razor
~ ~ Premie Teleport Jewelry ~ Sewer Rat
~ ~ Shimmer Trinket ~ UpSleeve
~ ~ Skirt Pin ~ Wermth
~ ~ Slide Ring ~ Wingsong Collection (Saephua/Wrap-Skirt)
~ ~ Vanne Fan ~ Writable Book
~ ~ Veola ~ ~
~ ~ Weatherby Symbol ~ ~
~ ~ Zoetic Quill ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~