Targon's Tavern

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Targon's Tavern is a food shop in River's Rest. located east from the town commons. The tavern has two entry ways, a front door that opens out onto Targon Square and a backdoor that opens up into an alleyway adjacent to Relynard's Pawnshop. Targon, the owner, often sits by the fire regaling of old adventures. Saltwater Sal often likes to visit the tavern, herself.

[Targon's Tavern, Tap Room]
Revelry seems to be the order of the day in this spacious room. Targon reigns at fireside, exchanging tales of heroism with his customers which border on the impossible, but no one seems to mind. As the tavern's back door opens to admit yet another hungry and thirsty traveler a barmaid makes her way to the bar, filling her tray with an order for the table in the corner. Behind the gleaming bar, a wizened dwarf bartender awaits his next order, polishing the bartop with a well-used rag while he waits. You also see Saltwater Sal and a menu.


|           -Targon's Tavern-                 |
|                                             |
|                 Menu                        |
|                                             |
| 1. A glass of rose wine          10 silvers |
| 2. A glass of red wine           10 silvers |
| 3. A stein of bock beer          14 silvers |
| 4. A stein of Haakon's Choice    19 silvers |
| 5. A glass of Targon's Best      24 silvers |
| 6. A shot of fine bourbon        25 silvers |
|                                             |
| To order just ORDER <#>                     |

On the table you see:

a cup of honeyed herb tea 3
some clear spring water 60
a warm buttered muffin 55
a small bottle of milk 60
a cup of steaming hot coffee 50
a crisp red apple 30
a small wicker basket Pocketed:Fairly Small (8-11)
several items