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Motto: Go and find out.
Race Halfling
Culture Paradis
Hometown Icemule Trace
Class Wizard
Profession Fireweaver
Religion Unaffiliated
Affiliation(s) None
In-a-Word Determined
Disposition Curious, determined, honest, and likes logic and learning
Demeanor Amicable
Primary Trait Loyalty
Flaw Can be cuttingly sarcastic
Greatest Strength Fierce belief in justice and equality
Greatest Weakness The traditional halfling sweet tooth
Habits Hanging around Town Center, practicing the harp, writing to her brother, feeding the penguin chick
Hobbies Exploring
Soft Spots Mint chocolate ice cream and kittens
Likes Town Center, magic, talking with friends, and discovering/learning things
Dislikes Being stunned, magic-null rooms, friends being in pain, and not seeing the whole picture
Fears Her friends suffering and her not being able to do anything about it
Loyalties Icemule Trace
Best Friend Elphieya, Delyorik, Rimalon, Roelon
Spouse None
Loved One No lover
Children None

Teaberry is a Halfling Wizard. She was born on the 19th of Lumnea in 5099 in Icemule Trace, the youngest of three children (Pennyroyal, born in 5094, and Basil, born in 5097). Her empath parents (Daggit and Anise) moved their family to another halfling village in Eoantos 5102, around the end of the troubles with Thurfel and the Council of Ten. Teaberry is named after her maternal grandmother, Wylla Wintergreen--teaberry being another name for the herb wintergreen.


You see Teaberry the Fireweaver.
She appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
She is average height. She appears to be young and untried. She has sparkling pink albino eyes and pasty white skin. She has shoulder length, glossy white hair up-swept into loose corkscrew ringlets. She has a round face, a long nose and a dimpled chin.
She is wearing a crystal amulet, a rose-inlaid ruby heart medallion, a silver spiral brooch set with a star ruby and engraved with the letters WW, a ebon velveteen bliaut subtly infused with muted silver glints, a simple star ruby ring, a polished gold ring, and a pair of exquisite deep ebony open-toed slippers inset with star rubies.

Teaberry's Speech

This speech was given on the evening of 06/24/5120 in Icemule Trace when she was running for the Town Council in Icemule.

Reiphe says, "Next, Teaberry, of the Paradis."
Teaberry says, "Hello! I'm Teaberry. I'm a Paradis halfling wizard, and I'm very proud to be here tonight."
Teaberry says, "I am a dedicated Icemulian. I love this town, and I want it to be governed wisely and well. If I were a member of the Town Council, I would be a passionate supporter of the rights of all Icemulians, be they truefolk or tallfolk, dedicated to discovering the truth and making it known and comprehensible to all, and eager to learn from those who have lived through so much more with this town than I have."
(Teaberry looks thoughtful for a moment, and then nods.)
Teaberry says, "I think that the best way of expressing what kind of council member I would be is to quote an oath of ancient times."
Teaberry smiles and then clears her throat.
Teaberry says, "I will never bring disgrace to this, our city, by any act of dishonesty or cowardice, nor ever desert my suffering comrades in the ranks. I will fight for the ideals and sacred things, both alone and with others. I shall willingly pay heed to whoever renders judgment with wisdom and I shall obey both the laws already established and whatever laws the people in their wisdom shall establish. Should anyone seek to subvert those laws or set them aside, I will oppose them--either in common with others or alone. And I will endeavor to render the city greater, better, and more beautiful than it was before."
(Teaberry looks a trifle embarrassed but clearly means every word.)
Teaberry says, "Thank you."
With a graceful flutter of her hands, Teaberry sinks down in a formal curtsy.
Teaberry sits down.

Side Stories

  • Aftermath (written after the first appearance of the halfling-sized bat-creature in the Temple of Hope's basement--posted Lumnea 17, 5120)