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This article is about the Fenog's Regulars MHO.

Fenog's Regulars is a Meeting Hall Organization which is located in a snow-dusted encampment on the outskirts of Icemule Trace. It was founded in Eoantos 5109, and the encampment was established slightly north of the east gate of the city.


Jastalyn (prime) Dragorth


  • Chairwoman: Jastalyn Dragorth
  • Operations:
  • Events Officer:

Who Are The Regulars

Fenog's Regulars may be new to you, but we have been around for quite a while. Our clan was born from a need, a need that arose from a land in distress. Certainly there are many clans across the land that have the same objectives as Fenog's Regulars, but the difference is we are not restricted to just one city. We travel where the need is great, the citizens are distressed, and the call is given.

Our main goal is to assist the Elanthian community as a whole, lending a helping hand wherever needed. Even though we are based out of Icemule Trace, we will travel wherever a need arises as the group is able. We will offer free services such as spells, smithing, healing, lore singing, and even hunting and task assistance to anyone who wishes them. We want Elanthia to remember the better times when spells were free and even the strangers were helpful.

True history is of the highest importance and we maintain only that history which has been researched extensively and confirmed by the highest authority. We deny membership to no one whose intentions are pure as seen by their actions. New member initiation takes place at the end of every regular clan meeting, and sometimes following special request. To fully understand who we are you should read our official history.


Participation and/or attendance is not required to maintain membership status but it is appreciated.

Donations are welcome and accepted and immediately deposited into the house endowment.

Any member who runs an event is eligible to choose an item from our prize closet!


Our House is open to all willing to join. You may join by special request by filling out this linked form. You can catch up with one of our officers to join as well!

Hall Resources

  • The Assembly Annex - A good place to gather with friends, the Annex is open to the public, and provides warmth from a large fireplace which will help to clear your mind.
  • The Dining Hall - Plenty of food and drink are available on the tables here to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the weary adventurer after a long day of hunting.
  • The Celebration Hall - With a predominant dance floor, this chamber is great for all sorts of occasions, both formal and informal. A dart Board hangs on one wall for friendly competitions, and several pillow-covered couches surround the room for a comfortable rest.
  • The Frozen Pond - If fishing is your forte, then this is the place for you! A large firepit is even provided for warming up after a day of ice fishing.
  • The Barracks - Fenog's Regulars provides a location for its members to nap or sleep. Members are welcome to rest their laurels here as they prepare themselves for the next day.
  • The Hot Springs - The encampment was built around a natural hot spring that is great for soaking and loosening stiff muscles. There are snacks provided on a tray resting on the rocks at the edge of the hot spring...candied bacon! YUMMMM!!!

Archive of Events

         * A Raffle for a Shimmer Trinket
         * Accepting Personal Monetary Donations
         * Accepting Item Donations
         * Musical Snowflakes
         * TIERS 

Meeting Notes

Check out the logs of some of our more important meetings below!

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