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Name Type Category Trigger Description
Clobber [clobber] Reaction Blunt Weapons Recent Parry React to a parry with a devastating concussion attack.
Overpower [overpower] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons Recent Evade/Block/Parry (target) Deal your target a heavy blow that cannot be evaded, blocked, or parried.
Radial Sweep [radialsweep] Reaction Polearm Weapons Recent Evade/Block/Parry Spin your polearm around you, targeting the legs of enemies.
Reactive Shot [reactiveshot] Reaction Ranged Weapons Recent Evade Harry your foe with a quick shot and retreat.
Reverse Strike [reversestrike] Reaction Two-Handed Weapons Recent Parry Catch your target off guard with a quick, reverse strike.
Riposte [riposte] Reaction Edged Weapons Recent Parry React to a parry with a counter-attack.
Spin Kick [spinkick] Reaction Brawling Recent Evade Spin around, kicking a target.