Thalior's Eye

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A dark blue emerald eye is known as Thalior's eye. It carries this moniker because the original owner was the legendary sorcerer, Thalior Farthor.


  • When opened the eye allows the wearer to stare at something to inflict non-wardable damage.
  • It can also kill the target, stun the target, force the target to kneel, and/or create a bleeder; this damage is similar to limb disruption.
  • Undead creatures can only be calmed.
  • There is no limit to how often the eye can be used.
  • It is possible to fail, and when this occurs the wearer is stripped of all spells, falls on their back, and incurs roundtime.
  • In order to wear the eye, the wearer must be missing an eye. After wearing the eye, the missing eye can be healed.


Opening the eye

You concentrate on the emerald eye, forcing it to open.

Staring at target (success)

A kobold suddenly shudders!
... 5 points of damage!
Light shock to left arm. That stings!
... 50 points of damage!
Eye spins backward into skull. The kobold falls to the ground dead.
The kobold crumples to a heap on the ground and dies.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

You feel the emerald eye shut.

Staring at target (failure)

You feel a sharp pain burning deep within your skull!
You feel a sudden dizziness and you fall to the ground.
The air about you stops shimmering.
You feel the aura of confidence leave you.
Roundtime: 10 Sec.

You feel the emerald eye shut.

Removing the eye

You clench your teeth and rip the emerald eye from your right eye socket.

You scream in pain!
You are stunned.
Roundtime: 20 sec.

Wearing the eye

You insert a dark blue emerald eye into your empty right eye socket.

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