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Thalior slew one of the hands of the Lornon Arkati during the First Griffin Sword War. He had among his possession some of the most powerful artifacts in Elanthia. He was viewed as one of the most powerful characters in Elanthia for some time.

Behind the Scenes

Lord Thalior Farthor the Dark Elf Sorcerer.
He appears to be in his 120's, has long, straight silver hair, grey eyes, and tanned skin.
He has a tattooed symbol of Fash'lo'nae on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding nothing.
He is wearing an inky black sheath of Onar with fine gold veins, a dark vultite shield, a pair of knee high gleaming black leather riding boots, a gold-trimmed jewelled eye, a spun glass anklet, a writhing, black-scaled serpent bracelet with fiery ruby eyes, a dark blue emerald eye, a gold rimmed monocle, a pitch black satchel woven through with images of tortured souls, a tin amulet, the gruesome visage of your face contorted in agony studded with rubies, an essence blasted cloak worked all about with golden threads, some extremely supple black leather body armor with a faint image of a bound dark reaver etched upon it, a dark elven battle shroud, a blood-soaked bag which writhes as if it has something living inside of it, a small useless object that dosen't appear to do anything, and a twisted skeleton ring which appears to be writhing in agony with pulsing deathstone eyes.