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Ample Larder is a food shop in Kharam Dzu. It is the large wood and stone shop located on Imflass Street. It is run by the butcher Takrek.

[The Ample Larder] RNUM: 12534
The shop is devoid of any frivolous amneties. A simple marble-topped counter dominates the room. Assaulting the nose are the odors of a variety of meats, some cooked and some not, assaults the nose. The smell of salt is also quite strong in the shops, obviously used in curing stores of meat. You also see a simple sign and the butcher Takrek.


Item Price
some crab meat
Juices squirt from the meat with each bite.
It has a slight buttery flavor.
some raw ground rolton
It is uncooked and bloody.
Dark, raw juices flow from the meat.
a hunk of roasted rolton
It melts in your mouth in a stew of it's own juices.
Juices fill your mouth almost drowning the meat away.
a slice of roasted rolton
It melts in your mouth in a stew of it's own juices.
Juices fill your mouth almost drowning the meat away.
some rolton jerky
It almost melts on your tongue as the rich aroma fills your nostrils.
It is tender and juicy, with just a hint of garlic.
a siren lizard chop
Pockets of spicy flavor seem to explode from the meat, filling your mouth with flavor.
The meat is tender and juicy.
some siren lizard jerky
The jerky is quite chewy, but extremely flavorful.
A rich, spicy flavor flows from meat.
a siren lizard steak
It has a crunchy crust surrounding a juicy center.
A spicy flavor flows from the juices of the meat.


Takrek is a beefy dwarf, perfectly suited for being a butcher.  His massive arms are able to swing a meat cleaver with amazing force and skill.

A customer asks Takrek about a cut of meat.

A customer pays for her order then exits the store.

A shout comes from outside the store.

Takrek cleaves a hunk of meat in two with a large blade.

Takrek looks around the shop, awaiting potential customers.

Takrek looks up with a scowl and grumbles something about vegetarians.

Takrek slaps away a gnat.

Takrek throws a bone into a bucket.

Takrek trims fat from several pieces of meat.

Takrek whistles merrily as he sharpens his cleaver on a long leather strap.

Takrek wipes the counter somewhat clean.


>ask Takrek about meat
Takrek exclaims, "I've got the best meat on the Isle, in fact, the only meat on the Isle."

>ask Takrek about rolton
Takrek explains, "Rolton's may be a boring animal, but they produce fine meat."

>ask Takrek about jerky
Takrek says, "This jerky is the best you'll find anywhere."

>ask Takrek about lizard
Takrek says, "Siren lizards have a spicy and juicy meat."

>ask Takrek about steak
Takrek says, "My steaks are very popular. Cook them myself."

>ask Takrek about borthuum
Takrek shouts, "Where would we be without the Borthuum Clan? Not here, that's for sure."

>ask Takrek about eregrek
Takrek says, "That Eregrek sure is a character." He then chuckles at something.