The Bean and Leaf

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The Bean and Leaf is the coffee and tobacco in Kraken's Fall. It is located on the west side of town on Siphon Street in a dark-shingled white oak shop.

[The Bean and Leaf] RNUM: 29187
Crafted from white oak, the shiplapped walls of the shop contrast with darker wood trim that accents the room. Shelves filled with packets and canisters of tobacco and coffee line the walls above a glass-inset oak counter. Mugs and silverware are haphazardly stacked in a crate resting on the floor. The scent of tobacco permeates the air, punctuated by the strong aroma of roasted coffee.


Welcome to The Bean and Leaf!

Stubb offers his catalog to browse.
Stubb exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a fig-stamped metal tobacco tin       13. a matte black coffee tin
  2. a lacquered purple tobacco tin        14. a bundle of cigar wrappers
  3. a silk-wound round tobacco tin        15. a thick-walled pewter mug
  4. an oak-paneled silver tobacco tin     16. a bottle of coconut milk
  5. a leaf-embossed slender tobacco tin   17. a bottle of cream
  6. a rudimentary angular tobacco tin     18. a flask of dark rum
  7. a mirror-finish metal tobacco tin     19. a badly cracked ceramic tankard
  8. an ornately carved tobacco tin        20. a tall cruet of whiskey
  9. a speckled umber coffee tin           21. a bottle of honey
  10. a berry-shaped metal coffee tin      22. a filigreed pewter teaspoon
  11. a circular ecru coffee tin           23. a sugar cube
  12. a caramel-hued metal coffee tin      24. a flimsy paper matchbook