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Belt Booth is a boutique shop in Solhaven. It is located in North Market and sells a small assortment of belts and sashes.

[North Market, The Belts Booth] RNUM: 3749
Sheltered beneath the booth's weathered canvas awning, brightly colored sashes are intermingled with the assortment of leather belts that lend the booth their scent of freshly-worked leather. You also see the leatherworker Janzis Roundel and a simple wooden sign.


Welcome to The Belt Booth!

The leatherworker Janzis Roundel offers his catalog to browse.
Janzis Roundel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a wide leather belt           10. a violet leather belt
  2. a doeskin belt                11. a yellow leather belt
  3. a thrak hide belt             12. an amethyst silk sash
  4. a supple yierka hide belt     13. a black silk sash
  5. a steel-linked miner's belt   14. an emerald silk sash
  6. a black leather belt          15. a saffron silk sash
  7. a crimson leather belt        16. a vermilion silk sash
  8. an orange leather belt        17. an opalescent silk sash
  9. a pink leather belt

Janzis Roundel

Janzis is a strapping man, his paunch hanging over his thick, tooled leather belt just slightly.  His hands are calloused, and his eyes are warm and friendly.  He seems like just the type with whom you'd tip a few back after a long day's work.