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The Griffin Sword War occurred in 5096, and years later, a second war of its name came about in 5099. It was during these wars that the balance of all Elanthia was at risk as the Dark Alliance created a powerful threat to man and god alike. The combined forces and followers of Luukos, Sheru, V'tull, and Mularos seemed nearly unstoppable, and the Dark Alliance grew too close to their end goal for anyone's comfort. Although members and worshippers of Liabo proved successful in the end after both catastrophic conflicts, there were others whose perception of balance was transformed from the fire and carnage of the chaos during these wars.

Once members and warriors of the Everwatch Tower, a group of highly trained and rigidly devout followers of Koar left the confines and laws of the Tower and instead sought to purge all of Elanthia from the taint that was the worshippers of Lornon. Never again would they allow such darkness to unite and threaten the world and all of innocence. Never again would they allow such evil to foster and gain a foothold. So it was that The Blameless were born. A group of skilled and powerful zealots of Koar who used every ounce of their being in a holy crusade to purge the darkness of Lornon from the world. Despite the youth of their creation, their numbers have swollen and the ranks are filled with a variety of all professions and ages, each one providing a range of skills and assets in their defense of Koar's Light, but all rallied behind one goal.


The Blameless are not considered to be an officially recognized section of the Church of Koar, as rumors abound about their questionable tactics when hunting down and meting out justice against Koar's enemies. This often puts them politically at odds with much of the Church, who preach as much about mercy as they do justice. However, despite this conflict of interest, there has been no action taken against The Blameless, or their leaders, or even against members of the Church of Koar known to aid The Blameless, or even use their unique skill sets.

Regardless of what holy banner they may fly, The Blameless are respected and feared by worshipers of both Liabo and Lornon. It needn't take much to fall into the target of The Blameless, especially if there is proof, or sometimes even just speculation of those being involved in rituals and worship of Lornon Arkati. Because of their zealousness, throughout their recent history there have been a few occasions where The Blameless were used by political, or even merchant rivals to eliminate their opponents who were, in truth, completely innocent of any connections to Lornon Arkati and their cults. Tales persist of one imperial noble in Jantalar framing his House rival with false evidence and testimonies linking him to an Ivasian cult, and once The Blameless were informed, they hunted down the rival noble and murdered not only him, but his entire bloodline, to weed out the dark stain of the entire family. Over the years, stories such as those have faded with only a few arising from time to time, and more often than not, with no evidence to backup such tragic acts of zealotry. Regardless, the reputation of religious butchers is a heavy cloud The Blameless will likely never be able to shed, but more troubling is the fact that they embrace it.