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Cobbler's Shop is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It and located on Abalone Street just west of the florist. The cobbler Gornissa is the proprietor and she sells boots.

[The Cobbler's Shop] RNUM: 9065
The smell of leather fills the air, tinged with the sharper odors of oils and polishes. Shoes and boots in the current styles line the shelves, and a workbench covered with scraps of leather stands at the back of the room. You also see the cobbler Gornissa and a wooden sign.


Welcome to The Cobbler's Shop!

The cobbler Gornissa offers her catalog to browse.
Gornissa exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a pair of stout leather boots        6. some steel-clad mining boots
  2. some low doeskin boots               7. some supple yierka hide boots
  3. some white doeskin boots             8. a pair of black cavalier's boots
  4. some calf-high black doeskin boots   9. a pair of thrak hide boots
  5. some calf-high red leather boots     10. some thigh-high black leather boots


How Gornissa can be so elegantly dressed as she works is beyond normal comprehension.  Without a hair out of place, without a spot on her neat muslin gown, she manages to ply her trade.  Her hair is dark and her skin smooth, giving her the appearance of a much younger woman than she probably is, since she has owned this shop for years.

Carefully applying a few drops of oil to a piece of finely cut leather, Gornissa works it in with a soft cloth, smiling with pride at her work.

Gornissa twitches the hem of her skirt out of her way impatiently, showing off the elegant kid boots she is wearing.

Soft humming can be heard as Gornissa moves about the shop, straightening her displays and smiling at customers.

Gornissa sighs rapturously as she smooths her hand over a soft length of suede.