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For the Faendryl Symposium of 5118, held by the Faendryl Enclave MHO, see their website.

For the Faendryl Symposium of 5119, held by the Faendryl Enclave MHO, see their website.

For the Faendryl Symposium of 5120, held by the Faendryl Enclave MHO, see their website.

For the Faendryl Symposium of 5121, held by the Faendryl Enclave MHO, see their website.

The first Faendryl Symposium was held 5115 Lumnea 8-13 (June 8-13, 2015) in the Linsandrych Var area of Ta'Illistim. Since then, the event has been hosted by the Faendryl Enclave.

Linsandrych Var


All times Eastern

Event Date Time
Welcome/Opening Speech June 8 8:30 PM
Faendryl Divination Demonstration June 8 10 PM
An Introduction to Faendryl Art June 9 9 PM
A General Overview of Palestra Training June 10 8 PM
Faendryl Fashion and Cobbling June 10 10 PM
Court Dances of New Ta'Faendryl June 11 9 PM
Songs, Stories, poetry June 12 8 PM
Wine and Cheese of New Ta'Faendryl June 12 9:30 PM
The Future of the Faendryl in the Diaspora June 13 5:30 PM
Banquet June 13 8 PM
Ball June 13 9 PM


[Target] is you dance partner, and only works when in group with them.

  • Fast dance:
Both: Bow (men)/curtsy (women), smile, stride right, sashay left [target], push [target], dance [target]
  • Slow dance: Sarvyis says, "So lets all move to the left then men around lady and then lady around men."
Men: stride left [target] (not sure for males but sashay [target] may work)
Women: sashay [target]
Both: turn [target], go [target], sashay behind [self]



Ambassador Tredohal
You see Ambassador Tredohal Hashier Faendryl.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is average height and appears to be in the meridian of life.  He has deep-set pale green eyes and dark skin.  He has long, fine silver hair that curls slightly at the ends.  He has an angular face, a classical nose and angular pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a cinereal silk sash striped with a wide heliotrope band, a dark bourde tunic edged with shards of jet, a pale ivory linen underrobe with heavily ruched sleeves, a russet snakeskin belt, and a pair of russet snakskin sandals.
Lady Ursuline
You see Lady Ursuline Vairwoth Faendryl the Archchancellor of the Emporion.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is tall and appears to have come of age.  She has faintly upswept violet eyes and ashen silver skin.  She has wavy, vinaceous dark red hair gathered in a lengthy twist-and-cross plait.  She has angular ears with elongated points.  She has fine, sharply contoured lineaments about her face.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a silk-strung beveled lor vial deeply burned with smoke plumes, a sleeveless red gold organdy gown brocaded with glistening bronze pinpoints, an opaque dark red carnelian ring split by a hematite rivulet, a hip-tied antiqued metal chatelaine, a glossy scale-appliqued case, and a pair of open-toed sandals woven from thin leather twine.
Harrower Ersix
You see Harrower Ersix Severus Faendryl the Guildmaster of the Extrachthonic Cartographers Guild.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is tall and appears to be very young.  He has narrow marigold eyes and dusky grey skin.  He has chin length, straight reddish-black hair.  He has an angular face, a straight nose and sharply-curved pointed ears.  He has a tiny scar on his upper lip.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a small viridian oculoth eyeball suspended from a cord of woven black spidersilk, a slim black leather pack clasped with a crystallized ithzir skull, a cinereal silk sash striped with a wide cobalt band, a fluid black velvet robe with crushed scarlet despanals along the heavy sleeves, a slender orange signet ring, a multi-pouched thick black belt, a narrow black cartographer's case, a large black alchemy pouch, a rune-etched orange scroll tube, and some orange-laced soft leather sandals.
Chancellor Fahnlaer
You see Chancellor Fahnlaer Ne'Lorai Faendryl. 
She appears to be a Dark Elf. 
She is tall and appears to be of full age. She has long-lashed chestnut eyes and bronze skin. She has waist length, glossy platinum hair. She has an angular face and a slight curve in the tip of her ears. 
She is in good shape. 
She is wearing a wide silk collar centered with a note-shaped jacinth, a dark ebonwood lyre slung over her shoulder, a cream-on-gold bourde robe over a layered deep gold muslin gown with heliodor and jacinth beading, a large despanal cabochon ring cradled by thin golvern wires, and a pair of cream silk slippers.
Palestra Schalyne
You see Schalyne Faendryl the Palestra.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is very tall and appears to be in the prime of life. She has almond-shaped jade green eyes and dusky skin. She has shoulder length, thick silver hair shaved smooth on the right. She has a classical nose and tall upswept pointed ears. A series of ebon ravens have been inked on her bare scalp.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a worn grey velvet pouch, a leather eahnor-linked baldric with a dark bladed falcata and a long dark spike secured to it, some ebon mithril jazerant hauberk with crimson-washed links, a pair of fitted suede leggings, and a pair of dark leather boots with small mithril clasps.
Palestra Pratelas
You see Pratelas Faendryl the Palestra.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is tall and appears to be in the prime of life.  He has mismatched smoke grey and glacial blue eyes and dark skin.  He has long, grey hair with a black streak running through it.  He has a narrow face, a crooked nose and narrow pointed ears.  A single bear paw print has been tattooed in blood red ink behind his left ear.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a brushed silver bear suspended from a faenor chain, a shadowy black leather baldric with a dark bladed long knife and a dark bladed khopesh secured to it slung over his shoulder, a battered leather rucksack secured with lor toggles, some dark oiled leather set with faenor studs, a small velvet rune pouch, some flowing silk pants, and some polished knee-high black leather boots.


[Pentact, Strength - 22353] a pale grey silk pavilion - west wing

On the steel stand:

Item Price Info
a raven steel parma etched with scrollwork 30,000 medium shield
a smoky mithril targe inlaid with silver runes 50,000 small shield
a dark mithglin scutum set with iron studs 50,000 large shield
a lacquered orase mantlet inlaid with silvery patterns 35,000 tower shield

On the steel rack:

Item Price Info
a crimson leather bodysuit inlaid with veins of dark silver 100,000 ASG 8 - double leather
a pale cinereal buffcoat paneled with scarlet suede 70,000 ASG 6 - full leather
some ebon steel plate inlaid with crimson veins 300,000 ASG 19 - half plate
some stygian mithril jazerant hauberk with ruby-tinged links 400,000 ASG 16 - chain hauberk
some ebon lamellar armor with crimson-edged iron plates 150,000 ASG 12 - brigandine
a cobalt velvet robe edged with ebon silk 100,000 ASG 2 - robes

[Pentact, Strength - 22353] a pale grey silk pavilion - east wing

On the steel rack:

Item Price Info
a polished ruic short bow set with scarlet carbuncles 35,000
a twisted orase runestaff capped with a smoky crystal orb 1,500,000 4x/4x acuity, locked glowing orb zests
a narrow vultite framea with a carved ironwood shaft 60,000 polearm

On the steel stand:

Item Price Info
a dark mithril taavish with a lizard-hide wrapped handle 70,000 blunt weapon
a thick mithril kheten with a carved ironwood handle 100,000 two-hand weapon
a hammered vultite falcata with a copper-plated hooked hilt 80,000 edged weapon
a blackened steel braquemar inlaid with scarlet veins 25,000 edged weapon

In the wooden box:

Item Price Info
a zorchar-tipped mithglin razorpaw banded with leather 40,000 brawling weapon
a slender ebon steel cinquedea with silver inlay 7,000 edged weapon, dagger
some supple leather sandals with tiny copper buckles 50,000 unarmed combat
some supple leather gloves studded with copper 50,000 unarmed combat


A column of rippled glass
A closer look at the otherwise transparent cylinder reveals veil-like inclusions in the heart of the glass. These shapes distort the light coming through the column, showing areas of increased density. While the hazy forms in the column's interior form no recognizable image to the eyes, they might create a distinct tactile impression to anyone phasing the column.
In the Common language, it reads:
A monochrome triptych
Composed of three enormous panels, the size of this installation transforms the room and imposes itself upon the viewer's field of vision. Each panel is identical both in size and the impenetrable blackness of deeply layered brushstrokes. Forms are suggested as one examines the lines and swirls of the piece, but nothing definitive becomes apparent.
In the Common language, it reads:
An unsettling landscape painting
Rendered in watercolor and gouache, a lushly overgrown swamp languishes under a misty yellow sky that looks nothing like a sunset. Towering trees festooned with grey beards of moss stand silhouetted against the jaundiced sky, giving the scene a closed-in, oppressive quality. Violet and aquamarine shapes move through the mist, and dark foliage crowds the edges of the canvas. As alien as this landscape is, it also has a surreal and compelling beauty.
In the Common language, it reads:
A vibrant canvas
Painted with vivid realism, you could almost mistake the canvas for a window just barely separating you from the central subject: three ridiculous halflings. One plunges a tart into his gaping, rotten-toothed maw. A second wipes jelly-jam from his face with pages torn from a book discarded near his feet. The third has an upside-down timepiece in his hand and a robust mid-section tied up with a sash reading "Mayor."
In the Common language, it reads:
A panoramic fresco
Time has stolen the warmer and more ephemeral hues from this image of a man delivering a speech atop a flight of broad stone steps, casting the scene into a stark chiaroscuro of cold blues and bone white. The central figure commands attention both with his pose and with the slanting light that bathes him. Forced perspective creates a feeling of immense space between the speaker, his rapt crowd, and the pyramidal buildings behind them.
In the Common language, it reads:
Yshryth Silvius Faendryl
An enameled starry disc
Smooth enamel in rich ultramarine blue covers this broad disc except where pinpoints of silver fleck its glassy surface. Etched lines connect the silver points to form constellations, some of which are still recognizable as their modern counterparts. A central hole in the disc allowed it to be mounted on a clockwork device that set the artificial sky wheeling through seasons at the touch of a lever, but corrosion has stilled the moving metal parts within the disc's alabaster case.
A colorful wall-sized mosaic
A smiling bride in scarlet, and her groom in grey, sit at the center of this intricate mosaic. A low table before them holds a feast, but many of the bright fruits are unfamiliar. As each of the attendants is dressed in the colors of a different elven house, the image could as easily be an allegory as a portrait. Stones no larger than grains of rice capture every detail, from the net of gilded chains and gems in the bride's hair to the revelers' brilliant silks.
A gilt-framed oil painting
The central figures in this painting are two men and a woman, but the lush garden around them is almost as attention-getting. The woman is disheveled and moon-faced, her stance aggressive and her mouth open in an angry shout. She's trampled some of the garden's blooms already and looks ready to do more damage. Standing opposite her, a Faendryl man in robes holds his runestaff in front of him as if to ward off an incoming attack. A third figure crouches near the woman, gazing up at her worshipfully.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Impatience and the Lily"
A miniature encaustic portrait
Painted in layers of tinted wax on a silvery round of lor wood, the tiny portrait of an umber-skinned young man in a three-quarter view has the luminous quality of natural skin. The subject's gaze is focused somewhere beyond the gilded frame of the miniature, and his lips are turned up in the faintest of smiles. Even the blackwork trim on his cloak collar has remained sharply detailed. The portrait's obverse side bears an inscription and a fingerprint, but no name.
A horned basalt bust
Slightly smaller than life-size, the bust depicts a woman wearing a cap with two curved peaks and a veil. The original sculptor managed to shape hard basalt into something as fluid as silk where the veil draped over the horned cap, but a lesser talent has since removed the statue's original face. Whatever expression she once wore, the woman's face now bears only a vacant stare and pursed lips. The crest at the base of the bust has likewise been defaced to remove identifying details.
A marble and onyx summoning circle
The circle's inky surface is made of countless bar-shaped onyx tiles to form a nearly seamless whole. At its center is one perfect marble square no larger than a thumbnail. Marble and carnelian chips set in spiraling bands around the outside of the circle create the illusion of movement that disappears as soon as one stares directly at the circle's edge. An outer band bears an unbroken stream of calligraphy that seems to be formed from a single length of silver wire.
A marble stand with a gilded manuscript page on it
A specimen of masterwork calligraphy, the stylized Faendryl script on this page twists and wends around itself to form the image of a bird in flight. The drawing is surrounded by a border of gleaming gold leaf providing a double-framing effect with the geometrically patterned lor encasing the manuscript itself.
An expansive carved basalt relief
Spanning the entire wall, the gleaming basalt relief depicts two warring armies in meticulous detail. Thousands of soldiers are caught mid-battle, some already fallen, while others continue to fight. Human forces are clearly outnumbered by elven, their expressions depicting shock and despair as the superior army overwhelms them. In the center, a trio of soldiers fight a losing battle against one of their own kind, the human corpse's actions clearly orchestrated by a Faendryl standing tall in the background.
In the Common language, it reads:
"The Folly of Impertinence"
Laelia Sabinus Faendryl
c. 4851
A marble Palestra statue
Standing tall and with a pensive expression, the carved Palestra is the size of a giantkin and nearly lifelike in her features. Her mixed uniform of plate armor and flowing cloth is sparsely painted with gold, crimson, and black, allowing the pale grey hue of the marble to show through. Both fabric and cropped hair seem caught by an unseen gale with deep folds painstakingly rendered for the effect. She holds a halberd in one hand at the low ready, and her steady gaze focuses on the opposing statue.
In the Common language, it reads:
"To Wield Retribution, Castigation, and Grace"
Gaius Cassian Faendryl
c. 3900"
A marble elven summoner statue
With wide eyes and an intense gaze, the giantkin-sized statue appears caught mid-summon, his mouth open in an incantation, and his robes and long hair frozen in disarray as if caught by a tempest. One arm is extended upward with curled fingers, while the other is lowered behind him grasping a tightly spiraled stave held level with the ground. Gold, crimson, and black paint accent the statue and provide ornamentation to the carved marble while still allowing for its pale lavender hue to show through.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Drawing of the Rift"
Gaius Cassian Faendryl
c. 3900
An imposing black and grey painting
Ten feet wide and eight feet high, the painting envelops the viewer's gaze in darkness. The entire canvas is covered in black with enticing wisps of charcoal grey, demanding close examination to distinguish the subtle details of the haze. The gilded frame is carved all over with cylindrical protrusions reaching outward. A small plaque is fixed to the center bottom.
In the Common language, it reads: