World Wide Siegery Championship

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The World Wide Siegery Championship is an annual event hosted by The Faendryl Enclave and House of Paupers. The event typically is held sometime around Eoantos (November).

  • Date for 2017 event TBD - RSVP now anyway!


Each MHO and CHE is welcome to participate in the event. Each organization must provide a contact person in the form of an Officer and a Champion. Each organization is encouraged to host their own events to determine their Champion. The Champion will represent the organization during the event until only one Champion remains. The final two contenders are awarded prizes.

A contact person is necessary to have, as early as possible, so the MHO or CHE Guru can get them their siegery miniature.

Each organization will be provided a siegery miniature by their respective Guru. This is to prevent insanely trained miniatures from being utilized. However, the miniatures for the Championship will be available approximately 1 week before the event. PLEASE be around and available to be provided your miniature by your Guru. It is then the responsibility of whomever will be competing to train up their miniature.

Each organization that participates in this event needs to make an Event Report to receive credit for participation. Each organization can get event credit! Hooray! As this event is late in the year it can be a good chance to get a last event in, if a group is short. Also, it's fun.

Each organization is asked to please provide a donation to the prize pool. Please make your donation in the form of coins/notes or siegery related items. For example, I shall be providing limited edition landing miniatures.

Siegery! <- Click on that for more details

RAISE In order to utilize your siegery miniature you must first RAISE it to attune it to you.
DROP/PUT Siegery miniatures must be on the ground to utilize them.
PUSH PUSH the siegery miniature to make it attack. If it is not working make sure you're pushing the correct one. If it's still not working make sure you actually have an opponent. If it's still not working it might be damaged/broken
FIX FIX your siegery miniature to repair it following a battle. Whether it won or lost, your miniature probably took some damage.

Signing Up


I don't need the champion name right away, just the contact person. Please have a champion by a week before the event, however.

RSVP'd 2017 List

The Faendryl Enclave Japhrimel ??? No
Hand of the Arkati Whirlin ??? No
Fenog's Regulars Logeerkamer ??? No