The Intoxicating Flora

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The Intoxicating Flora is the herb shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located at the northwest corner of Wandering Eye Market in a striped pavilion.

[The Intoxicating Flora] RNUM: 28938
Tendrils of pale white smoke snake through the dense jungle of plants occupying most of the available shop, leaving the faintest whisper of dark amber to resonate throughout. A resin-stained workbench sits entangled in vines along the back wall, the top covered in dusty tomes alongside a worn marble mortar and pestle. A faint hiss and rattle echo within the walls, its origin obscured by leaves and blossoms.


Welcome to The Intoxicating Flora!

Baelyn offers her Catalog to browse.
Baelyn exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. some acantha leaf       12. some pothinir grass
  2. some wolifrew lichen    13. a wingstem elixir
  3. some torban leaf        14. some ambrominas leaf
  4. a bolmara elixir        15. some cactacae spine
  5. some woth flower        16. a ball of ephlox moss
  6. a rose-marrow elixir    17. some calamia fruit
  7. some haphip root        18. a cumin-rubbed sovyn clove
  8. some aloeas stem        19. a bur-clover elixir
  9. a brostheras elixir     20. a tkaro root
  10. a ball of basal moss   21. some spherical cothinar flower
  11. a talneo elixir