Magi's Stave

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Magi's Stave is a specialty shop in Solhaven. It is located in a small ebonwood shop on Nerite Lane one block east of the pawnshop and sells a variety of runestaves and harnesses for holstering them.

[The Magi's Stave] RNUM: 9294
Long wooden shelves fill the back portion of the shop and a large counter sits in the center. Several unfinished runestaves sit in holders behind the counter in a line, their wood shavings littering the floor. Pale moonlight filters in through the front window of the room, the ghostly light dancing about the oak floorboards. You also see a simple sign.


Welcome to The Magi's Stave!

A clerk offers her catalog to browse.
A clerk exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a vultite-wound sturdy orase runestaff    9. a blanched mossbark runestaff
  2. a gold-capped thin deringo runestaff      10. a fine-threaded dusky runestaff harness
  3. a felt-wrapped dark villswood runestaff   11. a simple cotton runestaff harness
  4. a rough pale mossbark runestaff           12. a gold-threaded hide runestaff harness
  5. a spiral-carved blue carmiln runestaff    13. a dark runestaff harness
  6. a snake-carved russet orase runestaff     14. a pale golden leather staff harness
  7. a vine-entwined deringo runestaff         15. a gnarled driftwood runestaff
  8. an orb-topped thick villswood runestaff  

  Backroom Catalog
  16. a deep black carmiln runestaff