The Melting Pot

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The Melting Pot is a food shop in Kraken's Fall. It is located in a round shack with a peaked thatch roof on Middle Arm Ave on the east side of town.

[The Melting Pot] RNUM: 29136
Diffuse light fills the dining room of this eatery, with the amber glow of the overhead lanterns struggling to pierce the humid smog that lurks in the air. At least the haze is fragrant, warm with savory scents that in part originate with the copper pot fitfully bubbling amid the disarray of scattered tables. Only the occasional shout from the kitchen disturbs the laid back ambience, leaving the scuffing of chairs and the murmur of customers and staff as neutral white noise in the background.


Welcome to The Melting Pot!

Schaivonne the waitress offers her Menu to browse.
Schaivonne exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a square of layered cheese pasta        12. some basil and tomato-sauced flatbread
  2. a bowl of meaty tomato-sauced pasta     13. a skewer of multihued rice dumplings
  3. a bowl of white-sauced pasta            14. some vinegared collard greens
  4. a bowl of peanut-sauced noodles         15. a side dish of rice and butter beans
  5. some pork and scallion fried rice       16. a bowl of split pea and ham soup
  6. a shrimp-topped clump of sticky rice    17. some sticky barbecued pork ribs
  7. a tuna-topped clump of sticky rice      18. some chunky red potato salad
  8. a salmon-topped clump of sticky rice    19. a tankard of cocoa-vanilla stout
  9. some vegetable flatbread                20. a tall glass of sweet iced tea
  10. some ham and pineapple flatbread       21. a shot of maple vodka
  11. some cheesy garlic-crusted flatbread   22. a glass of burgundy beet wine