The Onyx-Petaled Taerethil

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The Onyx-Petaled Taerethil is a food shop in Nielira Harbor. In addition to pastries and baked goods, it sells plates and cutlery.

[The Onyx-Petaled Taerethil] RNUM: 33901
Ceiling-high windows are draped in a fall of onyx-petaled taerethil, the blooms arcing over the curved lattices framing the faenor-chained chandelier at the center of the shop. A gilded cabinet of ebony stands behind an elongated glass-paneled counter, the surface encasing rows of pastries labeled with vellum placards and placed upon leaf-framed platters. Nestled in the back corner is a nacre velvet curtain, partially concealing a spiraled flora-wrought staircase entwined with thin vines.


Welcome to The Onyx-Petaled Taerethil!

Master Baker Keya Olarel offers her Menu to browse.
Keya Olarel exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bronze fork                      13. a round loaf of sourdough bread
  2. a faenor fork                      14. a loaf of freshly baked bread
  3. a pewter fork                      15. a caramelized onion pastry
  4. a bronze spoon                     16. a custard-filled pastry
  5. a faenor spoon                     17. a lavender honey and lemon tartlet
  6. a pewter spoon                     18. a strawberry champagne cake truffle
  7. a bronze knife                     19. a rosewater and chocolate wafer
  8. a faenor knife                     20. a bergamot tea caramel
  9. a pewter knife                     21. a cream and black raspberry macaron
  10. a lacelike emerald glass plate    22. a chocolate and merlot macaron
  11. a rose-painted onyx glass plate   23. a grape and vanilla macaron
  12. a golden milk bread roll         

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
Forks, spoons, and knives can be customized with the following colors or finishes:

  1. cloisonne-set         8. onyx-inlaid           15. stone-handled
  2. dagger-etched         9. repousse              16. talon-handled
  3. ivory-inlaid          10. rose-etched          17. thorn-handled
  4. jewel-set             11. segmented            18. twisted
  5. long                  12. short-handled        19. wood-handled
  6. marbled               13. slender              20. wren-etched
  7. nacre-inset           14. spiraled
# Full Item Description Cost
12. a petal-scored golden milk bread roll 3,000
13. a round loaf of sourdough bread scored in an ivy pattern 3,000
14. a narrow loaf of freshly baked bread 3,000
15. a thyme and caramelized onion pastry brushed in balsamic 3,000
16. a custard-filled pastry served with strawberry sorbet 3,000
17. a crisp-edged lemon tartlet drizzled in lavender honey 3,000
18. a tiny champagne cake truffle fanned with candied strawberries 2,000
19. a fragile chocolate wafer layered in rose-infused mascarpone 2,000
20. a saevika-dusted bergamot tea caramel 2,000
21. a rose-inked ebony macaron layered in black raspberry 2,000
22. a rose-inked merlot macaron layered in dark chocolate ganache 2,000
23. a rose-inked vanilla macaron layered in lavender grape jam 2,000