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Shop Name Realm Shop Location Type Shop Specialty
Breakfast Nook Mist Harbor Mist Harbor eatery
The Cultured Corsair Kraken's Fall Kraken's Fall shop
Forge and Hearth Ta'Illistim Sylvarraend shop
Fragile Service Ta'Nalfein Nielira Harbor shop
Galieca's Teas and Coffees Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim eatery
The Onyx-Petaled Taerethil Ta'Nalfein Nielira Harbor shop pastries and baked goods
Portable Water Hole Mist Harbor Mist Harbor eatery
Refined Repast Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim shop
Wisteria Winery Mist Harbor Mist Harbor eatery alcoholic beverages and drinkware
The Woodsman's Chisel Ta'Vaalor Ravelin shop