The Resistance

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The Resistance was one name given to the forces which opposed the Dark Alliance in the Second War of the Griffin Sword. It had also been known as the Forces of Light.

While the battle against the Dark Alliance began prior to the conception of the name of the Resistance, the name came into vogue during the first occupation of Solhaven by forces of Sheru. The forces, under the command of Draezir Moltoniron, occupied the city in 5102, Me.E., established the city as Nighthaven. The citizens of the city joined with the opponents of the Dark Alliance to form a resistance to the occupation, and thus was born a name which was carried on, desired or not, with the movement for the rest of the war.

Throughout much of the war, the Resistance failed to achieve the unity and cohesion which marked the Dark Alliance, with its members sometimes squabbling between themselves on the best strategy. In part, this was due to the overall greater size of the Resistance. Repeatedly, the Resistance failed to recover the shards of the Griffin Sword, only succeeding with the last shard, the blade of the weapon.