The Rone Resurgence - 5118-10-03 - The Scales that Weigh Past and Future (log)

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Jastatos 3-4, 5118

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Lord Breshon, having learned of Prax's plan, says there's little pleasure left and seeks to discuss with others that, in turning down Grishom Stone's offer, "we denied the devil for a demon." Claudaro says he should at least look forward to Larsya being cured.
  • Magister Raelee tells Breshon that he alone denied the devil for a demon, as Xorus among others could provide all the resources he needed to cure Larsya without Prax.
  • Breshon asks if this doesn't all seem too easy when everything comes at a cost, and if he's a fool or a monster to accept his help with Larsya. Stormyrain brings up Malluch, Thrayzar, Ayred, Thadston, and the dead Rooks and militiamen as costs that already came up. Leafiara reiterates a concern that Prax would betray everyone even after a success at Glaoveln, but Breshon says there won't be one since greater forces have tried it before and he risks making things worse--to weaken the krolvin for perhaps a year, two, or ten. Xorus says Prax's interest is taking out the Czag Dubra; Leafi says she doesn't think the plan is impossible with his plinite pylons and prisms.
  • Breshon circles back to Raelee's argument that Prax isn't needed to cure Larsya and says that, though, Xorus did most of the work, Prax has modified his formulas. Raelee says Larsya's condition is stable, but Breshon does not want to take more weeks for a cure.
  • Claudaro asks why stop Prax from weaponizing the Epochxin against the krolvin, and Breshon asks about letting the ends justify the means if flown under the banner of justice or vengeance, saying his father warned him about this.
  • Stormy raises the possibility of ending Larsya's suffering if Breshon finds all other routes unfathomable, but Breshon says he'd sooner see the world burn.
  • Breshon says he's haunted by Grishom's warning that he'd regret refusing his help, and that now he questions every decision, seeing the unintended consequences.
  • Ultimately Breshon says the plan to cure Larsya will proceed and that he'll seek others' help on the 5th.


Leafiara seriously says, "I do hope Larsya will be cured yet. So long as Prax was telling the truth about that one thing."
Evia says, "His truths seem a lil slippery."
Lylia replies, "Unlike Grishom Stone's?"
Claudaro asks, "If [Praxopius] wishes to weaponize the poison against the krol, why stop him?"
Breshon asks, "Because what is to come next then?"
Breshon asks, "Do we honor the ends justifying the means, so long as it is flown under the banner of justice?"
Breshon asks, "Or vengeance?"
Breshon asks, "Do we turn our eyes on the harm and death of others, simply because in the end, it's all to hurt our enemies?"
Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "Sometimes, Fate's die is cast well before we are aware that the moment is pivotal. Many times, the course is a riverbed carved years before we are a part of the river that runs through it. Be mindful, but don't allow your fear of what 'might be' paralyze you."
Speaking to Breshon, Leafiara offers, "The past... is the past. What's already happened, we can only fret about so much--or be crushed by the weight of it."


The Devil and the Demon

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see an herbal remedy donation bin and some stone benches with some stuff on it.

Breshon: "Good eve."

Breshon: "I am in the war room of the Outpost, should any wish to join me for a bit this evening."

[Hendoran Outpost, War Room]

The room is bare but for a long conference table and a number of chairs pushed under it while not in use. Situated in the middle of the table is a map of Wehnimer's Landing and nearby environs. Neatly lined up on one side of the map are a set of miniatures depicting Hendoran troops and potential enemies. Near a small window rests an empty gilded birdcage. You also see a long oak table with some stuff on it, a huge metal-framed slate hanging on a nearby wall and a set of large wooden doors.

Speaking evenly to Breshon, Raelee says, "Breshon."

Breshon smiles.

Beldannon softly says, "Evening."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain offers, "The Mayor will be along shortly."

Breshon says, "Good evening."

Hapenlok mutters, "I've only been bedridden for a week, why not?"

Hapenlok asks, "The portal hasn't been misbehaving, I take it?"

Hapenlok mutters, "I hope not."

Breshon says, "The"

Breshon says, "Others, yes."

Breshon helps himself to a handful of dried strawberries.

Hapenlok says, "Well, I have an excuse. I've been in hearthstone manor for most of the past week. So it's not my fault...this time."

Mayor Lylia's group just arrived.

Santiel says, "War rooms are almost always held in the high parts of a keep."

Breshon frowns.

Evia says, "I have been away for around a week or a little more, so I am out of the knowing of recent..things."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "Lord Caulfield. A pleasure to see you. I hope the evening finds you well."

Breshon stands looking out a window at the rain as it darkens the stones of the ramparts.

Breshon takes a bite of his dried strawberries.

Breshon says, "There is little pleasure left these days."

Breshon asks, "We denied the devil, for a demon, didn't we?"

Gryzzlbok says, "Rum will ease your pain."

Shinann says, "Yes."

Leafiara says, "Ah... so you know."

Evia asks, "We did?"

Claudaro says, "Well, at least from the sound of it, this matter with the girl should be solved soon, well, on her side of it."

Claudaro says, "It's something."

Breshon asks, "The girl?"

Lylia quietly says, "Some decisions have no simple answers."

Breshon says, "Her name is Larsya."

Zosopage says, "And Kragnack will have his reckoning as well."

Speaking to Evia, Leafiara explains, "We did. Prax is... the Alchemist."

Lauranathalasa says, "He means your sister mlord."

Breshon says, "She is my sister."

Breshon says, "Use her name or don't speak at all."

Breshon nods at Claudaro.

Claudaro chuckles to himself.

Nazarr says, "He may not have known it."

Breshon says, "Yes..."

Breshon clenches his jaw.

Breshon says, "Sorry."

Breshon says, "Forgive my rudeness."

Evia says, "Oh that's mild."

Breshon says, "I am not pleased with the situation at hand."

Claudaro says, "It's fine, I meant no offense, just not one for formalities and names."

Hapenlok mutters, "Lovely."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "Understandable as you are probably stressed out to the max."

Breshon bows to Claudaro.

Leafiara seriously says, "I do hope Larsya will be cured yet. So long as Prax was telling the truth about that one thing."

Claudaro says, "Just was trying to say, things for her sound like they may be better soon, so there is that to look forward to."

Evia says, "His truths seem a lil slippery."

Speaking to Leafiara, Zosopage says, "He did say he wasn't going after Kragnack until Larsya was cured."

Lylia replies, "Unlike Grishom Stone's?"

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "I believe I need to be blunt, Lord Breshon."

Breshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "Yes, I know--because he was going to use her blood as a poison against Kragnack."

Leafiara says, "Or, rather... the poison."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "*We* did not deny the devil for a demon. You did. The experience and knowledge to solve this was here. It was in this room. He was never required."

Leafiara distantly observes, "Quiet crowd tonight. Not the usual Landing."

Zosopage says, "Shopaholics."

Gryzzlbok says, "That's a good point."

Breshon glances at Raelee.

Breshon says, "Blunt, indeed."

Breshon says, "But according to Praxopius, you are not wrong."

Gryzzlbok asks, "But is assessing blame gonna help any of this?"

Breshon says, "Much of his work he claimed, was done before his arrival."

Breshon points at Xorus.

Raelee says, "I know I am not."

Zosopage says, "To be fair though I think we all believed that Praxopius was a better choice than Grishom."

Breshon says, "He credited much to Xorus. I am not sure if that is a badge worth having or not."

Xorus says, "The time he took to come to that conclusion, no doubt, was useful for weaponizing my work."

Claudaro says, "I dunno, it sounds like we got a lot of great things going on, no need to be down on it. The g.. Larsya will be cured, the boats completed, the course of war set for the land of the krol, and Prax plans to die in the end... This seems like a great series of events in my book, something to celebrate."

Speaking lightly to Zosopage, Leafiara says, "Your very own wife didn't. Or at least she sure challenged Prax often."

Evia says, "Xorus doesn't need no stinking badges."

Speaking to Leafiara, Zosopage says, "Ok the vast majority of us."

Breshon frowns.

Breshon asks, "It does seem nicely tied in a bow, does it not?"

Breshon asks, "And you do not think that is too easy?"

Claudaro says, "He even said he'll sort this Rone business out with that militia leader."

Breshon says, "Everything comes at a cost."

Lylia says, "I believe it would have seemed 'too easy' to work with Grishom Stone, too. Both presented their path as a smooth one."

Evia says, "What ever could possibly go wrong."

Claudaro says, "There has been quite a bit of cost paid to date, seems like something good is come due."

Breshon asks, "Am I a fool to believe Praxopius? Am I a monster to still accept his help for Larysa?"

Speaking slowly to Breshon, Stormyrain asks, "Malluch. Thrayzar. Ayred. Thadston. All the dead Rooks and militiamen. Along with the deaths of many of those in this room. Is this not cost enough?"

Leafiara offers, "I told Prax I think that if we succeed at Glaoveln, he'll either kill us all or close the portals after."

Leafiara says, "It's a real mess."

Lauranathalasa says, "No turning back now."

Lylia says, "What would be the point of killing us all at Glaoveln? He does not strike me as a pointless murderer."

Breshon says, "There will be no success at Glaoveln."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "To help rid us of Kragnack and his clan, I wouldn't think so."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "I would maintain that you do not actually require his help... still."

Speaking pragmatically to Lylia, Leafiara says, "Eliminating witnesses--if he's lying about not wanting to return."

Santiel says, "Might I add something about this vengence."

Yhtrin says, "Pardon my lateness everyone, although I can pick up the thread on conversation easy enough."

Claudaro says, "He does seem quite reasoned in his plans and actions thus far, like it or not."

Santiel says, "A few days ago I was struck down by a fire meteor."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia asks, "No success at Glaoveln? How may we be certain of this?"

Claudaro says, "And even so, trapped there is not death, there is always the option to continue with the death of all those krol bastards."

Santiel says, "In town central."

Speaking quickly to Santiel, Hapenlok says, "Not mine."

Breshon says, "Greater forces have tried to accomplish what he intends. I am sorry, but a minor noble crippled to a chair with a vengeance and death wish will not end the krolvin menace."

Speaking to Santiel, Gryzzlbok says, "I swear that wasn't one of mine."

Breshon says, "If anything, he risks making it worse, and being gone before such an aftermath occurs."

Lylia says, "End? No, I am sure not. But limit. Contain. Diminish."

Evia says, "Likely he has only omitted a few challenging and deadly incidental details of the outing."

Santiel says, "I know not where it came from but everyone else didn't seem to be a target."

Xorus says, "His interest is in taking out the Czag Dubra, another one will take Kragnack's place almost immediately."

Breshon asks, "So truly then, were the lives worth it? As the Captain many have died so far?"

Breshon asks, "How many captured to this man?"

Breshon asks, "What, to weaken the krolvin, for...a year?"

Breshon asks, "Two?"

Yhtrin asks, "To strike a solid blow, to remove leadership, is it not worth the fight? Otherwise, why ever engage instead of defend?"

Breshon asks, "Ten?"

Lylia murmurs, "Lord Caulfield, the man may be distasteful to you, but the opportunity to remove the imminent krolvin threat that menaces not only this town but the entire Imperial coast..."

Speaking to Breshon, Nazarr says, "He feels that if he can kill Kragnack with blood poison, the krolvin will be divided and more interested in fighting for power than in fighting us. I believe he is wrong."

Speaking to Breshon, Hapenlok says, "If I have my way? It'll be forever."

Claudaro says, "The krol already are a menace that brings war to these shores, what worse can they do? If nothing else, bloodying their nose may make them think twice next time, maybe we aren't worth the effort."

Zosopage says, "But this fight would come regardless of Prax's "help" or not."

Lauranathalasa says, "Changing our tactics now will mean our townsfolk died in vain, we must maintain the course."

Lylia says, "Ten years is a long time to some people."

Leafiara distantly says, "He does have his new plinite pylons and likely piles of gear-covered prisms. I don't think his plan is impossible... but whether it's worth it is another thing."

Lylia reminds, "Long enough for a girl to grow to womanhood, if she is human."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Yhtrin asks, "Also he has quite a number of golems, doesn't he?"

Breshon says, "Back to your comment Magister..."

Leafiara says, "He claims they're not for combat, but just manning the pylons."

Zosopage says, "And plinite pylons."

Breshon asks, "You argue we do not need him?"

Leafiara stresses, "Claims."

Breshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Nazarr grimly says, "He does indeed. Far too many."

Santiel says, "Krolvin enjoy the lust for battle. Only when you hurt their leaders do their lusts fade."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "Yes. I do."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "At least in the context of curing your sister."

Speaking to Santiel, Lylia says, "And if that lust abates long enough to build, or to see a more pliable Czag Dubra, how much the better for us."

Breshon peers quizzically at Raelee.

Zosopage asks, "But in any case has anyone even heard from Prax as to when he will be ready?"

Speaking to Lylia, Yhtrin says, "Doing nothing seems...costly. Cowardly."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok asks, "If by pliable you mean dead?"

Lauranathalasa asks, "Didn't he tell Roblar 13 days?"

Breshon says, "He holds the ingredients. He holds the formula. He's certainly smart enough to not make himself valuable." [OOC: Unless I'm completely misunderstanding this conversation, I think either the "not" shouldn't be there or "valuable" should be something like "disposable."]

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "He admitted it. You said it. Xorus did the vast majority of the work, not him."

Claudaro asks, "Didn't he say this weekend, last?"

Claudaro says, "For the first part."

Nazarr says, "The invasion is scheduled for the 13th."

Claudaro says, "Sailing, next weekend."

Xorus says, "I am not familiar with how he intends on modifying my formula."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Lylia says, "'Pliable' is a remarkably pliable word."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "There is nothing he has that we cannot obtain."

Santiel says, "Most Krolvin are not smart... but when they get motivated. Watch out."

Breshon says, "He has modified it, is my understanding."

Breshon says, "The soil from your trip to the Bleaklands among it."

Kledalf says, "I am new around here, but I am pretty sure we are all going to die a horrible death soon."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "... we *can* go back."

Speaking offhandedly to Kledalf, Leafiara agrees, "Probably not wrong."

Speaking to Kledalf, Claudaro says, "That's what bribing Lorminstra is for."

Breshon asks, "Then what is suggested? We dismiss his help?"

Breshon asks, "We press forward to find a cure for Larsya on our own again?"

Speaking cheerfully to Kledalf, Yhtrin says, "Welcome to the most fun place on Elanthia."

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee says, "I know you are eager to see her cured, but... her condition is stable. If it takes a few more weeks, it can."

Zosopage asks, "With the golems and pylons that he now has, that we helped him obtain would it be wise to do so?"

Speaking to Breshon, Santiel asks, "Please forgive my curious nature. How ill is your sister?"

Breshon says, "I cannot take more weeks."

Breshon nods at Lylia.

Speaking to Breshon, Meureii says, "You would nae have to as the raiders would surely take most lives in these parts while the wait occurred."

Breshon says, "She is stable. In her suffering."

Claudaro asks, "Nor is there reason you should. If he wishes to weaponize the poison against the krol, why stop him?"

Breshon says, "She is suffering, and it is driving me mad...all of us."

Breshon says, "I powerless."

Speaking to Breshon, Santiel says, "I will pray for your sister's swift recovery."

Breshon asks, "Why stop him?"

Leafiara says, "Could always take Prax up on his cure for Larsya, assuming we trust him on that, and then decide afterward what to do with the rest of his plans. I don't think you're a monster at all for considering it, to answer your earlier question."

Speaking to Breshon, Yhtrin says, "Perhaps you need to aid of some spiritual counsel."

Breshon asks, "Because what is to come next then?"

Speaking to Breshon, Yhtrin says, "To quiet a troubled soul."

Speaking to Xorus, Raelee says, "We always thought this was possible. His help was never expected."

Breshon asks, "Do we honor the ends justifying the means, so long as it is flown under the banner of justice?"

Breshon asks, "Or vengeance?"

Zosopage says, "I say we should press forward and after Larsya is cured we can decide how to proceed."

Breshon asks, "Do we turn our eyes on the harm and death of others, simply because in the end, it's all to hurt our enemies?"

Lylia simply says, "Yes."

Zosopage says, "They would do no different if not worse."

Lylia says, "If the enemies are cruel enough, and if our will is strong enough."

Speaking to Xorus, Raelee adds, "I completed the elemental calculation adjustments you required."

Lylia says, "This is how it must be."

Stormyrain quietly says, "There is another answer, though I do not like to consider it."

Yhtrin says, "It is, in the end, how it must be."

Lylia quietly says, "One does what one must."

Breshon says, "My father warned me of this territory."

Leafiara distantly says, "No easy answer... that I see, anyway."

Breshon peers quizzically at Stormyrain.

Santiel says, "Each choice presents its pros and cons."

Speaking tightly to Breshon, Hapenlok says, "Your father..."

Speaking to Breshon, Shinann says, "I am sorry, but your father left your sister."

Shinann says, "Here... in this territory."

Stormyrain evenly says, "If it is too much for you to consider, if you feel that more suffering and more death and more vengeance is not the answer--then mayhaps the answer is to simply end the suffering of the young Miss. If a cure cannot be found. Mayhaps that is the 'other side' of the coin you have to consider, if what is being suggested is unfathomable to you."

Leafiara quietly says, "Lord Breshon already knows that. He acknowledged it when he first arrived..." [In reference to Shinann.]

Speaking to Breshon, Raelee mentions, "He likely was not incorrect to warn you so."

Speaking to Breshon, Claudaro says, "He will likely find some answer to meet his ends regardless of if he helps Larsya or not, you can take the high road, tell yourself it's the right thing, but all it does is delay his plans, and prolong her suffering. The choice seems clear to me."

Speaking to Breshon, Nazarr says, "I think that he has miscalculated, and I am certain that the Krolvin have already heard of the planned invasion. I believe that they will be ready. Far more ready than Praxopius wants to accept."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Raelee says, "It can be found."

Breshon glances at Stormyrain.

Claudaro says, "Since you've already made... well.. "not a friend" of Stone, in that time between the next answer and this, who knows what he may attempt."

Speaking to Raelee, Stormyrain says, "The good Lord has stated he cannot tolerate more, cannot wait the time he feels you would need. I am simply pointing out the other choice."

Xorus says, "Praxopius intends on leaving them as wounded animals rather than finishing them."

Speaking thoughtfully to Nazarr, Leafiara acknowledges, "Falzcrow -did- already know about the shipbuilding even before he came here... so you might well be right..."

Lylia asks, "Of course they know. Have you ever known a secret to remain in port when ships sail from the Landing?"

Breshon says, "I would see the world burn before I took her life. That is not an option Captain."

Breshon squints.

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "Then perhaps you need to reconsider your objections."

Breshon says, "I am frankly, out of options."

Breshon says, "Truthfully."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain states, "Since we are not talking about the world burning, just the krolvin."

Leafiara says, "Might be setting sail on a suicide mission if the krolvin are already prepared."

Lylia says, "But as I told others, they are arrogant, the krolvin. Even forewarned, they will not meet with the force needed to stop those ships."

Claudaro says, "So let the river run its course, and spare yourself the concern for destination."

Claudaro says, "If you have taken your hands off the oars, let it go where it goes."

Evia says, "How could one not tolerate more, for the sake of a loved one who is wholly dependent upon one in every way."

Hapenlok says, "Lady Mayor speaks truth."

Speaking to Lylia, Nazarr says, "I do not share your optimism."

Breshon sighs.

Speaking diplomatically to Leafiara, Lylia says, "Forgive me, my friend, but your twenty-five years may not have given you the experience with the krolvin that four hundred and thirty years might."

Speaking to Leafiara, Santiel says, "They might be brutes, but their skill and knowledge of sea warfare is vast."

Xorus says, "The question is what happens when the demon blood is removed from her, this 'anchor' or 'tether' severed, perhaps world burning is not out of the question."

Lylia says, "Some of us will undoubtedly die, but their arrogance will not permit them to be wholehearted in their defense. They do not understand defense at all, having rarely needed it."

Speaking to Xorus, Raelee says, "Valid point. An attempt to trace that should likely be made."

Breshon says, "I am haunted by that devil."

Speaking simply to Lylia, Leafiara says, "One can only hope you're right, then."

Breshon says, "This self-proclaimed blood god."

Claudaro asks, "Crux?"

Breshon says, "He warned me I would live to regret my dismissal of his help."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "We''ve come this far to turn back now. Larsya's life trumps all other consequences for the time being."

Leafiara frankly says, "For what it's worth, I don't mind going on suicide missions, if I do decide to join you all. But hopefully everyone at least knows the risks."

Speaking thoughtfully to Breshon, Stormyrain asks, "Does he haunt your dreams?"

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "I'm prepared for it. I've been dreaming of this moment for as long as I can remember."

Breshon says, "Now I question everything. Every decision...can lead to a ripple I never intended."

Speaking to Raelee, Xorus says, "The way the primals are drawn to it, essentially oculoths, I suspect it is to the shadow realm."

Breshon says, "No."

Speaking lightly to Hapenlok, Leafiara says, "Oh, we know."

Stormyrain nods.

Breshon says, "Sleep is the only realm I find peace."

Speaking to Xorus, Raelee says, "Which is likely why the Bleaklands have been operative in the formula."

Xorus says, "The two are bleeding together."

Zosopage says, "I was in training to become a Knight and one thing I did learn that this is what a Knight would do."

Speaking to Breshon, Stormyrain says, "Sometimes, Fate's die is cast well before we are aware that the moment is pivotal. Many times, the course is a riverbed carved years before we are a part of the river that runs through it. Be mindful, but don't allow your fear of what 'might be' paralyze you."

Speaking to Xorus, Hapenlok says, "Funny you mention that, but I'll explain to you later what happened to me."

Speaking to Breshon, Santiel says, "Don't let such thoughts cloud your mind. Pick a path and don't look back."

Zosopage says, "Take the fight to the Krolvin while we still can."

Hapenlok says, "And why I've been on my back for a week. Most of it unconscious."

Santiel says, "Fate will take over."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Breshon clenches his jaw.

Evia says, "And so Glaoveln truly will be only a Stone's throw away."

Breshon says, "We will proceed then."

Breshon says, "Eve of the Huntress. The Alchemist has claimed he will be ready then."

Kledalf says, "Proceeding is better then not proceeding."

Leafiara clarifies, "For Larsya, that is?"

Beldannon softly says, "I may be busy for the next 20 days or so, but if not I will come."

Nazarr asks, "THIS Eve of the Huntress, or the 12th?"

Claudaro says, "I for one, look forward to the coming weeks. I see no cause for trepidation or this angst."

Breshon says, "The cure for Larsya."

Speaking to Beldannon, Stormyrain says, "I'll need fishing tips, soon."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Evia asks, "Surely Stone will not sit idle with so much goin on, eh?"

Breshon says, "This Eve of the Huntress."

Breshon says, "He will not set sail until my sister is cured."

Breshon says, "If I have to put arrows in his wheels myself."

Breshon says, "I will."

Lylia says, "I am certain of it."

Claudaro says, "It suits his needs, so I'd say it's a given."

Stormyrain murmurs, "Pardon me."

Speaking to Evia, Dergoatean says, "Idle, never. But possibly very active very far away."

Meureii offers, "The Kragnack only wants the Star."

Stormyrain just went through a set of large wooden doors.

Speaking to Breshon, Yhtrin says, "Some of us could provide a watch on him, I am sure. Make sure he doesn't go suicide himself too early."

Speaking to Meureii, Dergoatean says, "Which is interesting, given we haven't got one."

Xorus says, "Kragnack will need more than that tentacle of his to get it from Stone."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Meureii says, "You don't."

Breshon says, "He is being watched. Trust me."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "He had promised he would not sail until she is cured. He would be hard pressed to find anyone to go with him if that was not the case."

Breshon says, "I will seek you all out then, on the Eve of the Huntress."

Speaking amusedly to Zosopage, Pietra says, "With this bloodthirsty lot, stranger things have happened."

Breshon says, "I would like you present."

Leafiara says, "The man apparently has connections enough to spy on even the Rooks, so I do hope your watch is pretty talented."

Breshon says, "For good or for bad, whatever is to come."

Breshon slowly empties his lungs.

Breshon says, "I have spent so many months, with never a cure within reach."

Speaking to Breshon, Lylia says, "I was there when that arrow was loosed. I would not rest if I were not there to see her restored to health and youth as well."

Breshon says, "Now one may be presented..."

Breshon says, "...and it terrifies me."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "We are all here for you and Larsya if not in body than definitely in spirit."

Speaking softly to Breshon, Pietra says, "Sometimes the answers to one's prayers is too much to handle."

Speaking to Breshon, Claudaro says, "Chin up, stop being so sullen over this, and accept that relief from your personal hell comes soon enough. Damn the consequences after that, even if things go badly there, know that they were heading that way anyway."

Speaking to Breshon, Shinann says, "You have every reason to feel that way."

Speaking comfortingly to Breshon, Meureii says, "The unknown can do that."

Breshon says, "Goodnight...and thank you. Again. For your company and words."

Speaking to Breshon, Leafiara offers, "The past... is the past. What's already happened, we can only fret about so much--or be crushed by the weight of it."

Kledalf says, "Good night."

Leafiara says, "Try to rest well... and we will see Larsya cured."

Speaking to Breshon, Zosopage says, "Rest well."

Lord Breshon just went through a set of large wooden doors.