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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Cross Into Shadows
Eyes of the Dawn
Witchful Thinking
Gender male
Race Orc
Status alive

Thrayzar is a human turned orc who secretly worked as a mercenary for the Turamzzyrian Empire.


You see Thrayzar Necksnapper.
He appears to be an Orc.
He is average height.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has dark brown eyes and burgundy fur-covered skin.  He has long, thick and matted deep burgundy hair worn in a multitude of war braids.  He has an emaciated face, a flat nose and a bony cranium and a missing finger.  He has sharp discolored fangs and a wicked eye-shaped scar on his left cheek.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a small leather bag, a long sleek grey leather cloak, a nocked rolaren shield, a sturdy leather pack, a suit of bone-studded armor, a small halfling skin pouch, a bone-inlaid grey leather sheath, a fine-crafted dark leather pouch, some frayed dark leather pants, and some reinforced steel-toed boots.


Thrayzar was sent on a mission with Drangell to hunt down a witch. In the final moments of her life, the witch cursed him and he transformed into the form of an orc. Unable to break the curse, Thrayzar accepted his new life and began to slowly recruit other monsters to join him, such as goblins, kobolds, orcs, etc. Together they built a small outpost far away from the Empire and Thrayzar taught his followers the common tongue and how to put away their more cruel nature and strive for peace. He was originally hired by Grishom Stone to hunt down Mirayam, who was his original golem creation that escaped. Thrayzar met and befriended adventurers in Wehnimer's Landing, turned on Grishom and protected Mirayam until her self-sacrifice that protected the town. Thrayzar and his clan later came to the aid of Wehnimer's to help fight off the troll siege led by Drangell. He was pardoned by Mayor Walkar for his original involvement with Grishom and became a fast ally. It has been said that Thrayzar was by Mayor Walkar in trying to track down Elithain Cross and his urnon golem.

After Walkar's transformation into the abomination, Thrazyar overtook defense of Wehnimer's Landing as interim mayor. In 5115, Thrayzar was replaced as mayor by Puptilian. Thrayzar now serves on the town council of Wehnimer's, as the Steward of the Militia, also called the Town Marshal.

Recently, in 5118, Thrayzar left to go hunt down Raznel but was abducted by Praxopius and his White Crows and Thrayzar was brainwashed into serving Praxopious as the most recent incarnation of the vigilante called Rone, who wears all white and has magical gauntlets. Thrayzar's gauntlets had temporal properties which allowed him to slow down and speed up time, and when Thrayzar's enthrallment was finally lifted, he was left at times blinking in and out of existence and so has not yet returned to his position as Militia Marshal just yet.

In Fashanos of 5121 adventurer's traveled into Thrayzar's mind to release him of his curse. He chose to remain an orc, but is in full faculties of his mind.

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