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Scroll portfolios were first auctioned off at the Ebon Gate festival in 5106 in the cursed town of Velathae. Five more (black, white, red, green and blue) portfolios were won as prizes at the Droughtman's Challenge in 5111. The portfolio could hold spells transferred into it from inserted scrolls.


'a thin beige portfolio'

Two large pieces of vellum are stitched together along one edge, providing a crude and very thin portfolio. A tarnished silver gem setting has been centered on the front cover of the portfolio, though it is empty. Scribbled on the back cover is the list, "Topaz, Emerald, Smooth Stone, Ruby, Diamond". All but "Diamond" have been crossed out.


This item has no loresong.


This Portfolio holds up to 10 spells (5 per page) and each slot holds up to 20 charges. Spells can be transferred into the Portfolio from scrolls. There are 3 pages and you FLIP the portfolio to change pages. When on the last page there is room to put 1 scroll inside.

You can SCRATCH spells out of the portfolio at any time if you want to remove one. You can also just invoke all the remaining charges out.

Transferring Spells

You put a scroll inside the portfolio when open to the last page and then close it. The transfer is activated by putting a diamond in the setting on the cover. It then transfers any spells from the scroll from top to bottom and will move all spells if there is enough space. Any spells that don't fit just remain on the the scroll. If all spells from the scroll are moved, the scroll will disappear.

If a spell from the scroll is already in the portfolio it will add charges to that slot up to 20, if the additional charges make it go over 20, it will move the remaining charges to an empty slot, if there is one. If there is not an empty slot the remaining charges stay on the scroll.

If no spell or charge of a spell will transfer from a scroll (because there is no room) the diamond will fall out of the setting and not be wasted.

>put diamond in my fol
You place your diamond into the setting on your scroll-stamped folio, and a dim blue glow surrounds the scroll-stamped folio briefly, accompanied by a quiet hissing.  Suddenly a loud *CRACK* sounds from the scroll-stamped folio and you notice that the diamond has shattered into a small pile of dust.  A strong breeze kicks up, flipping the cover of the scroll-stamped folio open, and scattering the diamond dust into the wind

Scroll Status

Removing spells from a fresh or used scroll does not change the scrolls status.

Removing charges from an infused scroll (assuming there is some spell left on the scroll so that it does not disappear during the transfer) will leave the spells transferred that were unlocked on the scroll with 0 charges, and it can be re-infused.

Mechanical Benefit

Besides obviously not having to carry as many scrolls around since you can put up to your 10 most used spells in the portfolio the main mechanical benefit is it prolonging the life of your infused scrolls since you don't actually invoke the spells off the scrolls transferred from it does not lower the value of the scroll like invoking the spells would. And since how many charges you'll be able to get out of an infused scroll is tied to its value this increases the number of charges you can infuse a scroll for over its life.