Thirsty Penguin

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Thirsty Penguin is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It is located on Tavern Burrow just south of West Road in the southwest quadrant of town. It is also an inn that can be checked into. Behind a curtain in the alcove, new adventurers can sit for a lesson with Trevor Dabbings and earn some experience.

[The Thirsty Penguin, Bar]
Practical, as are most halfling institutions, the entry leads straight into the bar of the Thirsty Penguin Tavern. A glittering bead curtain hangs off to one side, swinging lazily each time someone passes through it. The entire wall behind the bar is studded with small, polished bronze mirrors. You also see a scruffy bartender and a chalkboard menu.


      ~ Today's Refreshments ~

1.   A glass of water 5 silvers
2.   A cup of herbal honey tea 10 silvers
3.   A cup of hard cider 20 silvers
4.   A glass of Penguin pilsner 30 silvers
5.   A mug of slooberry rum 40 silvers
6.   A glass of white wine 50 silvers
7.   A mug of dark ale 75 silvers
8.   A flagon of Talbot's Special 100 silvers

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