Timor's Storage

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Timor's Storage is the central locker storage space in the town of River's Rest. The facility is a multi-story building immediately across from Relynard's Pawnshop, and northeast of the town's gemshop. It is also the location of the annex lockers for all CHEs, and the movers.

[Timor's Storage, Lobby] RNUM: 10952
Aged floorboards soften the echoes of the busy foot traffic passing in an out of the building. Oil lamps mounted on the walls light the way for those hurrying in and out of the locker entryway to the east. Chatter from the nearby office spills out into the lobby when voices grow heated. One whole wall is almost completely covered with shop advertisements, meeting notices, and warrants. You also see a thanot door.
Obvious exits: east, out