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This term is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Notice: Voln Fu is obsolete and has been replaced with the Unarmed Combat System.

THT means "To Hit Target" and is used in Voln fu MB calculations. THT is similar to the 100 enroll needed to successfully connect with a melee hit or a warding spell. In these terms, then, one can say that the THT of any melee attack or warding spell is 100.

THT as a target threshold value

To succeed in a Voln fu attack, one's outcome must be greater than or equal to the THT value. Because the THT value is variable, one can view it as comprising the hidden AvD of a Voln fu attack. For example, a THT value against a one enemy might be 55, whereas the THT value against a better-armored opponent might be 85 -- here, the former attack (in terms of the usual 100 endroll) could be said to have an AvD of +45, whereas the latter has only an AvD of +15.

THT in DF calculations

In normal (ie, melee) DF calculations, one often talks about the "outcome" of an attack; that is, the end result minus 100. So an attack with an end result of +200 and a DF of .500 would deal 50 raw hit points of damage. The "minus 100" is actually a subtraction of the THT; thus, in Voln fu calculations, DFs must be calculated based on the end result minus the THT value. For example, a Voln fu attack's end result of +147 with a THT of 47 and a DF of .500 would deal 50 points of raw hit points of damage.

Factors that affect THT

Finally, some other factors influence THT. Spells such as Spirit Barrier increase the THT, handicapping the Voln fu user.