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This ability is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Notice: Voln Fu is obsolete and has been replaced with the Unarmed Combat System.

Voln Fu is a slang term referring to an unarmed combat style available to members of the Order of Voln. There are two basic requirements for using this style of combat. First, completing the required voln step which grants the ability i.e., (Charl's Throw I, Charl's Throw II, Kai's Punch, Phoen's Kick, Kai's Blow, and Phoen's Blow. Second, training in brawling skill. This attack method can be used against both undead and living creatures. When used against the undead there is no Favor cost.

Once the appropriate symbol has been learned, the attack is initiated by the THROW, PUNCH, or KICK commands. Voln unarmed combat attacks are physical in nature, but unlike the Attack strength and Defensive strength factors seen in melee attacks, Voln Fu combat replaces them with a Maneuver Bonus (MB) for both attacking and defending.

Roundtimes (RT)

There is a base roundtime (RT) for each attack type. Punch is 3 seconds; Kick and Throw are 4 seconds each. The RT can be reduced with the Major Elemental spell Haste (506). If the Voln Fu user fails his or her attack the roundtime generated can be significant. Caution must be taken when attacking a defender with a higher MB. If the difference is large enough, not only will RTs increase, but there is the potential for severe injury or even death.

To Hit Target (THT)

Similar to melee attacks, Voln Fu requires a certain threshold for the attack to be successful. With melee attacks that threshold is an end roll success margin greater than 100. In order for a Voln Fu attack to be successful the Modified Roll must be greater than the defenders THT.

Each target has three THT values. One each for throw, kick and punch. Throw is the base value. Kick is base value +10 and Punch is base value +19. These differences are non-variable for all creatures and players. E.g. You attempt to throw a mummy and determine that the mummy's THT is 62 vs throw. Therefore, the kick THT will be 72 (62 +10) and the punch THT will be 81 (62 + 19).

Damage Factors (DF)

Damage factors for Kick and Punch attacks are based entirely on the size (tiny, small, medium and large) of the creature being attacked. There are no damage factors for throw. Use assess <creature> to determine the target's size.

MB Damage Factors
Size Kick DF Punch DF
Tiny 1.00 .667
Small .500 .333
Medium .333 .200
Large .200 .167

Successful Attacks

When using Voln Fu you must be in a stance other than guarded or defensive and have at least one empty hand. The exception to the one empty hand rule is kick. Kick can still be successful with both hands full, however, there is a severe penalty. When using kick with both hands full the modified roll result is halved.


Each attack requires a minimum d100 roll to be successful.

  • 1. Throw minimum d100 roll: 3
  • 2. Punch minimum d100 roll: 4
  • 3. Kick minimum d100 roll: 6

The attack will be fumbled if the d100 roll is lower than those listed above as displayed in the combat panel. E.g., (Fumble! @ 5) rolled: 4. This indicates a fumbled kick attempt.

Calculating Damage

Example I

The amount of damage done (excluding critical damage) is:

(Modified Roll - THT) * Damage factor = Raw damage

You attempt to kick a slimy little grub!
   MB: 190 vs MB: 26 = 164 -- Gain advantage!
   Hard to follow! Fantastic position.
   THT 97, d100 roll: 84, modified: 248
   and hits for 151 points of damage!
The grub rolls over and dies.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

In the example above the attack is a kick against a grub (tiny size) with a total damage result of 151. The modified roll is the difference between the attacker's and defender's MB + the d100 roll.

  • Modified roll: 248 (164 + 84)
  • THT: 97
  • Damage factor: 1.00 from DF table
  • Raw damage calculation: (modified - THT) * DF
  • (248 - 97) * 1.00 = 151 points of damage

Example II

You attempt to kick a lesser mummy!
   MB: 194 vs MB: 38 = 156 -- Gain advantage!
   What you are holding makes this more difficult.
   Expert maneuver! Perfect position.
   THT 72, d100 roll: 42, modified: 99
   and hits for 9 points of damage!
Roundtime: 4 sec.

In this example the attacker has both hands full and is kicking a medium sized creature. The modified roll in this case is only 99. This is half the value that it would have been if one or both hands were empty.

  • Modified roll: 99 (156 + 42)/2
  • THT: 72
  • Damage factor: .333 (kick vs medium size creature)
  • Raw damage: 9 (MR - THT) * DF
  • (99 - 72) * .333 = 9 points of damage

Voln Fu MB Formula

Throw MB = Brawling Skill * 20/17 (rounded) + Perception Skill/20 + Agility Bonus/2
+ Dexterity Bonus/2 + Strength Bonus/5

The Throw MB formula assumes:

  • Offensive stance
  • Both hands empty
  • No encumbrance penalties
  • No MB armor penalties
  • No MB spell bonuses or penalties
  • Normal room lighting conditions

Punch MB = Throw MB + # of Completed Voln Steps
Kick  MB = Throw MB + # of Completed Voln Steps

Other Factors

Spells and Symbols

Generally, spells that boost melee AS bonuses will also increase MB by the bonus divided by 5. Some examples:

Armor Penalties

Armor decreases MB by an amount equal to the armor's action penalty. There is no penalty for AsG full leather and lower. The penalties range from -5 (reinforced leather) to -35 (full plate).


  • Encumbrance can potentially reduce MB, but it will not increase RT. The penalty is -1 MB for each 5% encumbrance of the character's body weight.
  • MB will be reduced by 1/2 (rounded down) of the weight of any item held in the hands. E.g. A 7 lb. item, when held in either hand, will decrease MB by 3.

Room Lighting Conditions

Most ingame rooms are considered to have normal natural lighting (neither bright nor dark) and have no effect on MB. There are, however, some rooms that have natural lighting that varies from this standard. Also certain spells, when cast, can temporarily change a room's lighting state. Room lighting, other than normal, will increase or decrease both offensive and defensive MB.

  • Bright (spell 205): +5 MB
  • Dark (spell 206): -5 MB
  • Foggy (spell 106): -10 MB
  • Dark and Foggy: - 15 MB


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