Tootie's Fruity Bar

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Tootie's Fruity Bar is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It is location on the northwest end of Waterbug Way in Western Harbor.

[Tootie's Fruity Bar]
An outside fruit bar consisting of a long wooden counter and some tall wooden chairs is partially covered by a bright yellow and blue canopy. Behind the counter sit dozens of baskets of fresh picked apples, peaches, mangos, and bananas. You also see Tootie.


Welcome to Tootie's Fruity Bar!

Tootie offers her Menu to browse.
Tootie exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a thick banana-apple shake           8. a tall glass of mango juice
  2. a frothy banana shake                9. a tall glass of sweet apple juice
  3. a frozen honey-mango shake           10. a tall glass of honey-apple juice
  4. a rich banana-peach shake            11. a tall glass of ginger-infused lemonade
  5. a thick peach shake                  12. a glass of iced lychee-jasmine tea
  6. a sea-salted iced strawberry shake   13. a tall glass of melon and mint sangria
  7. a creamy coconut-papaya shake        14. a vanilla and watermelon slush


You see Tootie. She is very slender and tan from being outside all the time. Her long blonde hair is neatly tied back in a long pony tail wrapped with a parrot green ribbon. Her deep blue eyes are friendly and warming. She wears a loose fitting yellow blouse, unbuttoned enough to reveal a beautiful golden chain with a black diamond ring attached to it. Her blouse is neatly tucked into a white skirt embroidered with all different fruits on it.

Tootie dreamily rubs her necklace.

Tootie quickly wipes down the counter after accidentally spilling some fruit juice.

Tootie disappears behind the counter for a moment, only to return with a few baskets of fresh fruit.

Tootie leans on the counter and gazes thoughtfully out at the beautiful orchard.

Tootie sings quietly to herself.